Behind the Scenes

Q&A: Sonic, Cats and Conventions

It's the first Q&A session of 2017, and our first one in blog form alongside video! Cats, Mario, Pokémon and more...

22 January 2018

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Tee: Bounty Hunter Shirt (Metroid)

Stick your noggin’ inside a mask or waggle a sword about and you become the hero. Here's a little look at how our new Metroid t-shirt design, inspired by the series, came to be...

13 January 2018

Behind the Scenes

TeeChu: 2017 in Review

It's not been without its challenges, but we've come away with lessons learnt and plenty of exciting things in store for the year ahead!

09 January 2018

Behind the Scenes

Inking Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda for Inktober

October means dark evenings, spooky pumpkins and counting the weeks till Christmas. But October also means Inktober; a fun yearly tradition that anyone should try!

29 October 2017

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Tee: Shirt of the Wild

We take a look back at how our Legend of Zelda tee came to be; the Shirt of the Wild. The world of Hyrule has never looked better!

10 September 2017

Behind the Scenes

Level up with new TeeChu EXP Points!

It’s time to level up and earn experience points! We have launched new rewards called TeeChu EXP Points - find out more and start leveling up!

31 August 2017

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Print: Pokemon Cartridge Combo

The Pokémon Cartridge Combo art print was a hit at Comic Con this year; so we’re diving into how the design came to be, inspiration and possible future designs!

20 August 2017

Behind the Scenes

Our First Comic Con Adventure

Three plastic tubs and mad dash across London; our adventures into the eclectic world of Comic Con!

10 August 2017