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Our First Comic Con Adventure

Our First Comic Con Adventure

Three plastic tubs and mad dash across London; our adventures into the eclectic world of Comic Con!

There’s always something special about Comic Con, Expo and geeky events; a fun day out with likeminded folk, plenty to see and discover. You could come dressed as Spider-Man, trot up as a horse or be wearing a very odd hat and feel completely at home. These events are surging in popularity; anyone can pop along, enjoy the things they love and discover something new!

Team TeeChu's New Shirt Collection at Comic Con

A Retro Merch haven: The London Gaming Market

The London Gaming Market was our first destination; the perfect spot for retro lovers to bag a bargain. We’d heard about just how successful the single-day event was; and it truly met expectations. From unique bead art to delicious Japanese Kit Kat (green tea is a must), classic Nintendo 64 gems to iconic film posters; there’s truly something for everyone – highly recommended!

Fresh prints! 2 for a tenner? Bargain!

With just minutes to spare, we made a mad dash for our table and proceeded to frantically plop everything in place – like a band of Lickitung from Pokémon Stadium. Sweat drenched and half asleep, it was time to debut our brand new t-shirt collections to the world – including a fan-favourite Ash & Pikachu design, A Kanto Journey, and a brand new Mario design, The Original Bros.

This was us in preparation for Comic Con.

The Film Stars have Landed

Just days later came the mammoth beast that is The London Film & Comic Con – a three day geek fest in the heart of London – video games, comics, film, TV – a wealth of fantasy worlds under one roof! Having done a run at the Gaming Market we thought it’d all work out, but it ended up being like a Mario adventure; a massive challenge, but it all came together in the end. The sheer volume of people was unlike anything we had experienced at a Con before. Hundreds, if not thousands, of folk darting about in search for celebrities, cosplayers and the like!

The event also saw the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Pamela Anderson, Dean Cain, Wil Wheaton, Bernard Cribbins put pen to paper for autographs, and conjure up a cheesy smile for fans.

Once all setup, we loved every single moment; a three day adventure with plenty of new faces met; a testament to how welcoming and diverse the community is.

TeeChu's brilliant team on our stand!

A strange bloke invaded our stall at Comic Con

A World of Cosplayers

Comic Con wouldn’t be a con without brilliant cosplay creations! Featured guests included Kali Mack, Candy Valentina, Ash Cosplay and the brilliant folk from Team Arrow. We also encountered brilliant takes on past Doctors, DC heroes, an exceptional Link with Navi and much more! For the full gallery, be sure to have a gander at our Facebook Cosplay Album.

The wonderful cosplayers at Comic Con

A huge thanks to everyone who popped round to our stands, those who bought new gear and those who helped out!


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