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Q&A: Sonic, Cats and Conventions

Q&A: Sonic, Cats and Conventions

It’s the first Q&A session of 2017, and our first one in blog form alongside video! A big thank you to everyone in the Team TeeChu community for their support and questions.

Let the fun begin…

@nsss_game – What sparked the idea of TeeChu?

I’ve always wanted to create and design gaming merch for gamers! The gaming and geeky community is always so welcoming, passionate; and it’s this fandom that spurred us to come up with the idea of TeeChu. We wanted to develop a collection of clothing and prints that would be voted for by you! Where everyone that’s part of our community, Team TeeChu, can be a part of our journey. That’s our mission; one big geeky merch quest!

@Any plans for visiting another country for any convention?

If we could pop onto a plane or cruise across the seas, we’d certainly jump at the opportunity! There are so many incredible conventions around the world to visit. Where do we start? One of the must-visit ones has to be PAX – a massive, massive event packed to the brim with games, panels, music and more. A geek nirvana for sure! E3, now that it’s open to the wider public, would also be a dream location to wander over to. We’d love to take over the TeeChu crew to Japan, as well!

@tristabytes – Sonic or Mario?

That’s a very tricky question! I’ve always been a massive, massive fan of the blue speedster. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was one of my very first games; a blistering burst of speed from start to finish. Mario and co. were always a little alien, until Super Mario 64 came around. Never had we encountered a piece of pure-platforming pleasure – 3D worlds, challenging secrets and that intense final battle. A massive part of this introduction into the world of Nintendo has to go out to a friend, Ben, who was a big influence. Hope you have a controller in hand wherever you are, buddy!

Sonic and Mario?

@spooksapprentice – Why do cats purr?

Because cats are brilliant little critters; bundles of joy! One of our favourite feline faces has to be Team Rocket’s finest: Meowth! That’s right, the cheeky, sneaky and downright amusing antagonist of the Pokémon anime. Here’s a little tribute song that we did to answer this very question: Why do cats purr? Well, watch the video above to find out…

@_tom_loxton – What got you into drawing?

Drawing and sketching has always been a passion; some years more than others. I remember drawing Sonic, Pokémon and Dragon Ball many moons ago; and still do today! There are still a lot of lessons to learn, and so much incredible inspiration out there – on Instagram, DeviantArt and Pinterest. I believe that everyone should pick up a pen, brush, piece of charcoal, pencil – whatever creates markings – and go for it!


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