Behind the Scenes

Behind the Tee: Shirt of the Wild

Behind the Tee: Shirt of the Wild

We take a look back at how our Legend of Zelda tee came to be; the Shirt of the Wild.

The world of Hyrule has never looked better. From the pixelated yellows from thirty years ago to the expansive new landscape; there’s so much to see and discover! The latest Legend of Zelda tale, Breath of the Wild, finally took Link off the rails and let him truly explore. We wanted to craft a shirt that would showcase the lore within the game: classic Sheikah tapestry.

The Shiekah technology in action...

The Breath of the Wild Aesthetic

Zelda games are known to dive deep into the mystical, magical history of Hyrule. Each of these tales have their own distinctive art-style, whether it’s the slightly medieval approach in Ocarina of Time or a grittier take in Twilight Princess.

When it came to the newest Zelda adventure, there seems to be a clash of the organic with technology. It’s the first time Link gets his heroic paws on physics-defying tech; but there’s still really strong sense of nature woven within the whole design. Our hero isn’t wandering around 21st century city slums; instead is using futuristic tools to overcome the harshness of the wild!

What’s interesting is how the Sheikah look is woven in the game – bright, blue lights, slithers of gold and spider-like, tribal patterns. When you think laser-beams and gravity-guns, it’s all clean sheets of clinical metal; white and plain. But Breath of the Wild blends these ideas in such a way that it becomes a living, breathing part of this massive world.

Exploring Breath of the Wild

Zelda shirt design: Ancient Hyrule

To expand the design, we looked to include elements from different Zelda games – the Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past arcs had such strong symbols – elements like wind, fire, forest, light, dark. We delved into these concepts to bridge future with past in the design – whilst the shirt is dedicated to Breath of the Wild, we wanted to include shapes that were distinctively Zelda through and through. Ganondorf would be proud!

The Final Zelda shirt Design

The final design puts the Sheikah Slate design at its core – a shining blue beacon of hope. The eye has been such a key part of the series that it’s an important focal point of the design. But Breath of the Wild isn’t just about the glowing advancements in tech, but celebrating the classic Zelda history. With that in mind, out sprouted the classic Hylian wings – a symbol of the birds (or loftwings) that once transported heroes above the clouds.

To wrap up the look, we couldn’t complete a Zelda shirt without that all-important Triforce; a mythical centrepiece that gives the holder the ultimate power…

Zelda: Shirt of the Wild

Walking Through the Woods

Part of the Shirt of the Wild campaign was to create a ever-so-slightly cheesy video with yours truly wandering through the woods. Zelda has always had forests full of mystery, so what better way to showcase a Zelda tee? Armed with a Master Sword, makeshift treasure chest and key, we set Link out on a brand new adventure…


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