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Level up with new TeeChu EXP Points!

Level up with new TeeChu EXP Points!

It’s time to level up and earn experience points! We have launched new rewards called TeeChu EXP Points!

Going through a hard slog through a challenging dungeon then to slay the big boss? It’s time to cash in! Your character pulls off that cheesy pose, flexes those muscles and an enormous “Level up!” is splashed across the screen. It’s pure victory. You made it in one piece! Sometimes players will even be rewarded with a complete change – think evolutions in Pokémon. There’s a feeling about climbing that ranks in gaming that just can’t be explained in words…. so here are a handful of fairly amusing gifs.

Level up to TeeChu EXP Points!

Time to level up!

Earning TeeChu Exp Points

As you build your TeeChu gear / inventory, we’ll serve up EXP into your account that can be exchanged for nifty discounts on your next haul! You can find out how much you’ll earn on each product, plus a nifty total just before you check out. For each £1/$1/€ spent, we’ll pop over 1 point into your account. However, you will need to have a registered TeeChu account in order to collect points!

If you’ve ordered with us before, we haven’t forgotten you! All existing points have been awarded and can be found in your account! If you didn’t register, but have ordered, not a problem! Simply register and get in touch; we’ll ask Bowser to add up your points!

How do I redeem TeeChu Exp Points?

Once you’ve collected enough points, you’ll be able to redeem a sweet discount on a future order! Simply select whether to redeem, or continue saving, at the checkout stage.

Double Gains in Reward Points

To celebrate the launch of the new TeeChu rewards points, we’re serving up double points for a limited time. That’s right, double the rewards up for grabs!

So why not check out our exclusive selection of gaming shirts or gaming art prints – from the fiery Evolution of Fire Charmander design to the retro tinged Childhood Deconstructed tee.


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J is TeeChu's founder and resident artist, a big Sonic and Zelda fan. Born and raised on hedgehogs and forest adventures!

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