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The London Gaming Market is a Treasure Trove of Rarities

The London Gaming Market is a Treasure Trove of Rarities

We hit up the London Gaming Market earlier this month to debut our new winter drop, plus bring back favourites!

A Treasure trove of rarities

The London Gaming Market is an absolute haven, a treasure trove of rare gaming finds. Taking place every three months in a swanky London hotel, it’s certainly worth a visit if you’re keen to snag a few gems. Stumble through the doors and you’ll encounter retro games, consoles, geeky toys and a t-shirt or two! Each event has something fresh in store; a rare treat that’s awaiting a new home.

You’ll discover old Game Boy consoles, that special Nintendo 64 game that’s been on a wishlist for decades, plushies, bead art and much more. It’s super effective… at destroying your wallet, but well worth every penny.

For more information, check out the London Gaming Market website and future events on Facebook.

TeeChu enters the battle

We had a stall at the market, our second this year, and it was such an enjoyable ride. We showcased some of our new collection – including Metroid and Mario Kart, plus old favourites like Pokemon and Star Wars! There was also slightly different layout, a bit more organised and a little less chaotic. Plus had a little friend with us on the day; it’s the TeeChu mouse. This little cutie was crafted by Suzie!

A massive thank you to everyone who came up to our stall, had a chat and showed interest in our designs and the really great feedback. Really appreciate it! It’s always great to meet the gaming community; there’s such a positive vibe for something we all love. A thank you to Suzie, Georgie and Les who helped make this happen – and Elliot at Replay Events for having us!

To those who bought new gear, hope you like your designs! If you do share a snap, please use the hashtag #TeamTeeChu

We’ll be back on tour early nex t year, so, see you then!


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