13 Nintendo Switch 2 Games We’d Love to See

With Nintendo Switch 2 coming up (or whatever Nintendo decide to call it), there are plenty of opportunities for returning franchises, remakes and remasters! That dream Nintendo sequel you’ve been craving for years. It could happen with a brand new Nintendo console. Today’s blog is all about the dream games for Nintendo Switch 2. The wild, wacky […]

17 January 2024


The Biggest 2024 Video Game Anniversaries List

Notepads at the ready. Yep, its time for the annual list. Those iconic video games to celebrate… the 2024 video game anniversaries list! 2024 brings plenty of exciting video game milestones to celebrate! From ground-breaking console releases to the debuts for your favourite video game franchises. There is plenty to celebrate this year! Whether it’s […]

03 January 2024


The Evolution of Sonic the Hedgehog

Suzie explores the evolution of Sonic! From the blue blur's 1991 roots to the latest adventure in Sonic Superstars!

17 October 2023


10 Facts About Pokémon Gen 1

10 facinating facts about Pokémon Gen 1 - From Game Boy Camera stickers to save files! How many do you know?

11 October 2023


History of AI in Video Games

Suzie explores the history of AI in video games, from early retro games like Super Mario Bros to recent games powered by ChatGPT!

16 August 2023