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Best of Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars) Music

Best of Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars) Music

From barrel rolling and ring grabbing to saving the Lylat system from the evil Andross, the Star Fox series never gets old! To celebrate the adventures of the plucky crew, let’s dive into the best of Star Fox 64 music. The great anthems that accompanied us on our space journeys!

Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars for those of us playing in PAL regions) is one of my favourite titles of all time. I remember that Christmas when my brother and I unwrapped the Nintendo 64 bundle like it was last week.

Best of Star Fox 64 Music

The amount of fun I had playing Lylat Wars solo and multiplayer can’t be replaced. The Star Fox 64 music was such a big part of that experience, so I’m happy to relive it for this article on the best of Star Fox 64 music. Don’t forget to check out our unique Star Fox tee, also!

Running animation from Star Fox 64



This might be unexpected to put this mission in first for our best of Star Fox 64 music, but this is the tune I associate most with Star Fox, strangely enough! The flute-like trills, the driving bassline and snare drums give that sense of foreboding mystery as you enter the fray! There’s so much going on, but it’s so well coordinated, just like a well-oiled battle machine!


I must include the opening level as it’s so iconic. I remember having to replay this so many times to get the elusive medal bonus! The strong timpani, the army sounding snares and trumpets provide this serious, tempered background before the chord stabs bring a sense of tension. It’s a relatively calm sound compared to some of the others, which can make sense as a piece of worldbuilding.


The light sprinkling of triplets amongst the sombre strings really gives you that feeling of a destroyed planet. Zoness is a definite inclusion for our best of Star Fox 64 music! It’s so melancholy yet mesmerising. I love the build-up and release as well as how perfectly it loops. It makes the stress of destroying the searchlights just a little bit lighter!


This is part of my top 3 for best of Star Fox 64 music. Unfortunately, it’s hard to hear above all of the torpedoes, but it’s so serene and beautiful! The swell of the synths along with the slow deep bass and pulsing arpeggios provide a lovely underwater atmosphere.

The snares are so subtle, but they add a little bit of texture in the background. It’s definitely one of the toughest levels in the game, in my opinion, so the track sweetens the experience a little!

Star Wolf

Anyone who’s played Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars will recognise this iconic theme straight away! The opening of triumphant trumpets, the rumbling snare and bass unfolds into an interplay of strings and trumpets. It’s truly a villainous theme that gets the adrenaline pumping!

This, combined with the classic one liners from Starwolf and his crew, makes it a battle that you won’t forget! A definite contender for our best of Star Fox 64 music list.


Creepy, unsettling, dramatic. The warps from Starwing are back with a vengeance! The blasts of the trumpets, the stabs and hums of the strings just help to create this disturbed and almost hallucinatory atmosphere!

Sector X

This level exudes pure mystery, and the soundtrack is perfect for our best of Star Fox 64 music list. A deep rumbling bass amongst a piercing melody that could fit into a detective noir. As you’re scavenging the wreckage looking for the hidden bioweapon, it really does feel that you’ve taken on dangerous case in space!

Area 6

This tune has been used in many Smash Bros titles, and you can see why! One of the best levels in gameplay and humour alone. The strong timpani, the energetic snare and trumpet sections really come together as a perfect power anthem! As you cut through swathes of enemies, you can feel truly unstoppable! A perfect track for our best of Star Fox 64 music list.


Without spoilers, the last stage of the boss battle has all the best elements from the previous levels; the sinister synth runs and trumpet blasts, the intense snare beats that culminate into these huge string chords. It really feels like the stakes are at its highest and there’s no turning back!

The Best of Star Fox 64 music

Star Fox 64 or Lylat Wars is one of those soundtracks where all parts are solid and really help to bring the game to life! Which Star Fox tracks stood out for you?

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