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5 Unusual and Weird Mario Games

Mario and Luigi have always travelled to distant planets, scurried underground, conquered deadly volcanoes and gotten lost in the desert. What about those obscure, weird Mario games? Deep within those catalogues are weird Mario games, strange, experimental releases and spin-offs. Some didn’t even make the cut. We’ve picked out a handful of weird Mario games […]

11 January 2019


Soar into Space with 5 Star Fox Facts

Location confirmed! Delivering fresh Star Fox facts you may have not discovered yet, including baseball and prototypes! Read on, space pilot...

18 September 2018

Retro Games

Why is Mega Man Blue? 6 Mega Man Facts

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mega Man Legends this year, we’ve unearthed 6 Mega Man facts you may not know about Capcom's blue bomber, Rock Man!

25 August 2018