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Geeky & Gaming Tees for Christmas – Buyer’s Guide 2022

Geeky & Gaming Tees for Christmas – Buyer’s Guide 2022

With so much choice and options out there, it’s becoming ever trickier to buy geeky & gaming Tees for Christmas! Whether its online or in stores, there’s always a question on quality – will it last? Is it a comfy fit? Too many times the print itself has a plastic feel and the tees are just a little clunky.

Here at TeeChu our aim is always on quality – making sure our gaming tees fit great and simply look awesome! Not happy? No problem! Refund guaranteed, no questions asked.

Finding the Perfect Geeky & Gaming Tees for Christmas

In this blog we’ll help you find the perfect geeky & gaming tees for Christmas – whether it’s Nintendo tees inspired by the best franchises or some of our unique pixel gaming prints. Treat yourself or a fellow geek to something unique.

A Gift for the Kart Racer

Who doesn’t like a little bit of Mario Kart? Nintendo’s awesome racing series has been going strong and celebrated 30 years this year!

That’s three decades of antics on the track. Our Mario Kart tee is a fan-design inspired by the 1992 look, with unique re-worked sprites that add a modern twist. Super lightweight, ultimate comfort and one of our favourite designs in the collection! Ideal for any Mario fan!

A unique pixel design tshirt inspired by Mario Kart

The Ultimate Franchise Crossover

Who’d have thought these misfits would ever have entered the right together back in the 90s. Samus versus Link? Mario taking on Kirby?

The Nintendo 64 gave birth to one of the biggest and best franchise mashups, well, ever. Smash Bros. is the powerhouse of fighting games – and our Settle it in Smash tee is perfect for that Nintendo fan – a lover of these incredible worlds! Original, customised battle-ready sprites on a smart black tee? Perfect.

Settle it in Smash Bros tee - unique fan design

A Slice of Retro Controllers

We love those classic Nintendo controllers – these industry defining gateways into the incredible gaming worlds. Whether it’s the two button NES or the analogue stick introduced on the Nintendo 64, Nintendo introduced so much innovation over the years!

This look is a unique celebration of that, a fan design that showcases some of the best game controllers, well, ever. Smart silhouettes with the iconic Nintendo colours on a striking black tee. Ideal for any gamer who’d love a clean gaming tee!

Nintendo controller gaming tee

A Tee for Every Trainer

It wouldn’t be a geeky & gaming Tees for Christmas buying guide without a little Pokemon tee.

This design is inspired by those early adventures, the very beginning of that monster hunting tale. The series has…evolved in over two decades, introducing new worlds, mechanics and critters, but the heart of Pokemon stays true. This Pokemon fan shirt would make the ideal gift for any trainer with an exclusive pixel design on a super soft. No, really, super comfy tee. They or you will absolutely love it!

A model wearing a Pokemon t-shirt inspired by the series

A super speedy Sonic Design

Wrapping up our 2022 geeky & gaming Tees for Christmas buying guide is the speediest hog of them all, the blue blur.

This fan design takes cues from the 90s with a sweet geometric look and that familiar silhouette. A design that would be perfect for any fan of the hog, a unique look at won’t be around for long. As the name suggests, Gotta Go Fast!

An image of a model wearing our Sonic Gotta Go Fast tee!

Looking for more gift ideas? Why not browser our gaming tees collection for more designs!


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