5 Must Visit Zelda Holiday Locations

5 Must Visit Zelda Holiday Locations

Holidays can be a little boring, more of the same. After pooling together a bag full of cash, why not venture off to somewhere a little different for your next trip? Hyrule and Termina are packed full of interesting and quirky holiday destinations! From freakishly toxic swamps to cities in the clouds, why not step into the world of The Legend of Zelda for your next vacation? We’ve picked out 5 must-visit Zelda holiday locations.

Southern Swamp, Termina

Not many heroes have wandered into the swamp in Termina and made it out alive! But don’t let that put you off, though, Southern Swamp is a haven of interesting plants and quirky critters. Love to share those perfectly timed snaps to social? There are plenty of photo opportunities skimming the toxic water. Head on over to the Swamp Tourist Center to hire a river raft, then visit the Spider Swamp House – a museum of all things creepy crawly. Finally, discover the Deku Palace; home to the rather cheerful Deku Royal Family. Don’t get on their wrong side though, or you maybe dinner. Literally.

A Visit to the Deku Palace in Majora's Mask

Tal Tal Mountain Range, Koholint Island

If a serene, tranquil trip up the rarely trodden mountain path is more your scene, then the Tal Tal Mountain Range is the place of dreams. Koholint Island is a tricky one to find, but it’ll certainly leave a lasting impression! You’ll need a dollop of courage to navigate the highest parts of Tal Tal, though, as some of the bridges are, let’s say, rustic. Don’t despair, though, as the famed Cucco Keeper is at hand to give rides on flying chickens. The reward at the very top is one iconic view: the Wind Fish’s Egg.

Visit the Wind Fish in Link's Awakening

Lurelin Village, Hyrule

If it’s those iconic golden sands you’re craving, then Hyrule is packed to the brim with them. Beware the sneaky lizard creatures that lurk in the shadows, though! The safest bet is to trek down south, slide down the cliff-face and stroll up to Lurelin Village. Tucked away in the Faron region, Lurelin is the perfect place to devour a freshly grilled flish. The flavours are absolutely divine. After a hearty meal, lie back and soak in the sounds of the Hylian shores and drift away…

How about a holiday trip to Laurelin Village?

Lake Hylia, Hyrule

Hidden treasures luck beneath Hyrule’s vast lake. It’s the perfect place for a spot of scuba diving and sailing. Feeling adventurous? Lake Hylia is also home to Hyrule’s finest inventor, a self-proclaimed genius. Slightly barmy but always welcoming, the Lake Scientist will brew up some delicious cocktails – they may not be drinkable, though! Want a holiday challenge? Drop by to the Fishing Pond for a change to win big by catching the extremely rare Hylian Loach.

Lake Hylia is always epic!


Ever wanted to have a vacation in the clouds? Hyrule offers all that, and more! It’s a little tricky to navigate to, though, but large birds are on hand to take flight! Skyloft is a set of floating islands – a small village tucked away high above ground. Train to become a knight, dodge freaky cat monsters and tuck into scrumptious pumpkin soup after a hard day’s exploring.

Take a trip to Skyloft in Skyward Sword

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What are your favourite Zelda holiday locations?


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