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Winter Gaming Shirt Sale: The Best Bits

Winter Gaming Shirt Sale: The Best Bits

How is Christmas over already? That certainly went by quicker than Sonic running for a hotdog stand. Our winter sale is now up, and we’ve picked out our favourites bits! So what are you waiting for? Be sure to grab your favourites in our gaming shirt sale!

Level up in Style

Count those experience points, watch the levels grow! One of the best feelings in a Pokémon game is when your starter companion fully evolves. Bigger, tougher, possibly even cuter – Pokémon evolutions are a vital part of the series. One of the best evolution chains has to be from the ickle Charmander to the fiery Charizard. Love Fire Pokémon? This is the shirt for you!


Evolution of Fire shirt

New York’s Finest Superhero

One of the best stories in cinema has to be a coming of age tale. We can all relate. The pains of hitting those teenage years, trying to fit in, dabbling with responsibility. Spider-Man is one of the most iconic franchises that covers all that. We absolutely adored Homecoming and the full length debut for Tom Holland as Peter Parker! Our Spidey shirt is ideal wall-crawler fans; sporting the modern look with a splash of the original 60s look!

Spidey Shirt

A Phonebox to the Stars

Imagine if you could hop into a phone box, flick a switch and disappear through time itself. One day it could be having a goblet of wine with a Roman, a picnic with a Dalek the next. The possibilities are, simply, endless. Not everything goes to plan for The Doctor, though, as there’s a little bit of Timey Wimey shenanigans to cause trouble! Sporting the classic Tardis look and vintage type for a nod back to 1963, where it all began! Want to join The Doctor? This shirt may come in handy!

Timey Wimey Tee

AR Battles in Style

Go, team, go! With Pokémon Go bringing even more content and AR battles, it’s time to rep your team! With a little retro flavour, our Team tees will make you stand out. Whether it’s the electric Team Instinct, the frozen waves of Team Mystic or the scorching Team Valor, go for victory in a brand new shirt! Get yours before Team Rocket snags them…

Team Mystic Tee | Team Valor Tee | Team Instinct Tee

Pixel Print your Walls

Why settle for boring, bland, plain walls? Bring a little retro to your gaming space with our limited-run prints! One favourite has to be the Kanto Sprites print, taking on the classic critters and adding a splash of colour to these original generation Pokémon favourites!

Kanto Sprites Art Print


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