Ugly Pokemon Sweater? Feed a Pikachu this Christmas

Ugly Pokemon Sweater? Feed a Pikachu this Christmas

We’re deep into December, the Christmas decorations are out and advent calendars are being torn away to reveal the chocolate goodness inside. December also means one key fashion staple, a must have: ugly gaming sweaters. That’s right, what was once cringed at and left solely to snoozing dads is a now a must have for any wintery wardrobe. This exclusive ugly pokemon sweater is an essential this festive season for all Poké-trainers, with only a limited selection available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Drawing influence from Nintendo’s popular monster-catching series, our Pixel Party ugly Pokemon sweaters bring a little retro to the December festivities with sprite-like variations of the original first-generation starters, plus the aspiring adventurer himself: Red, from the very first Pokémon game. What’s inside the Pokémon Christmas Cracker? We’ve also popped a handful across the bottom of the design, plus classic snowflakes for that added seasonal sprinkle.

Red or Blue?

We asked you on Instagram what colour you would prefer for our Christmas sweaters – the answer was a divided one, with a near equal split for both red and blue. So we decided to produce both!

Ugly pokemon sweater - available in red

Ugly pokemon sweater - available in blue

Ugly Pokemon sweater? Pikachu needs you

Little wild Pikachu need your help this fall – they’re hungry and are craving a big dollop of Rare Candy.

For each ugly pokemon sweater sold, we’ll feed a little Pikachu with rare candy… Curious? Take a look at our Pixel Party video:


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