Top 5 Spring Sale Favourites, from Pokemon to Star Fox

Top 5 Spring Sale Favourites, from Pokemon to Star Fox

Spring is in bloom, it’s time to shove those sweaters back into the closet and whip out those t-shirts! Why not equip your wardrobe with new looks from our Spring sale? All our tees and prints come with numbered & signed certificates; for the collector in you!

1) Three Classic Pokémon Starters

Zip back to 1996 with our Triple Threat Pokémon Shirt. It was the biggest decision of your childhood: which one of the three Pokeballs to pick? You wander into the mysterious Professor Oak’s lab full of excitement and curiosity… just what lurks within? The Professor asks that timeless question: which starter will you pick? We’ll have all three, thanks! This design features the adorable Charizard, Squirtle and Bulbasaur in retro sprite form, perfect for all Pokémon trainers!

Catch those little Pokemon with our Triple Threat tee!

Triple Threat shirt

2) Spruce up your Walls

From pixel perfect designs to funky geometric shapes, grab one of our exclusive art prints to revamp those walls in your gaming space. We’ve picked six classic Pokémon to add that retro vibe and the immersed ourselves in original arwing from Star Fox. How about heading to the racing circuit for a spot of Mario Kart? Our blue shell design will send a shiver down your spine! Each print comes with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Kanto Sprites Art Print  Blue Shell Art Print  Do a Barrell Roll Art Print

3) Hey You, Pikachu!

Everyone’s favourite mouse has snuck into our Spring Sale! No, not Mickey, it’s the ever powerful electric chap, Pikachu! We love the design of the little mouse, from his iconic red cheeks to that electric bolt tail. This particular piece takes on a more graphic design style, with geometric/triangle shapes and a Pokeball in the background. Our Mosaic Mouse design fits most casual looks, pair it with a pair of jeans/denim skirt for the vintage trainer look!

Capture Pikachu with our Mosaic Mouse shirt!

Mosaic Mouse Shirt

4) Save the World of Termina

A Legendary fate awaits you, Zelda fan! Wander through the woods with your sword and shield, as danger is ahead! Our Turn Back Time tee is ideal for any aspiring adventurer! We’re big fans of Majora’s Mask , and the Clock Town motif is such a memorable symbol. We’ve combined that with a stylised Link, who stands proud to belt out a tune on his Ocarina. The design sits across a Hylian-themed bottle green shirt. Pair this design with black trousers/skirt or tights to really make the green pop!

Save Termina with our Zelda inspired shirt

Turn Back Time Shirt

5) Soar into Space with These Pilots

Do you remember the quirky pilots in the Star Fox crew? This particular foursome are one of the finest shooters in the galaxy! Star Fox or Star Wing as it’s known in Europe, was one of the finest games on the SNES, introducing players to pseudo 3D for the first time. You could hop into a craft and blitz through fantastic worlds, conquering the devious Andross. These four animal pilots are so distinctive in their design, that we wanted to capture their likeness on a tee!

Soar into Space with this Star Fox design!

Pilot Power Tee

So there we have it! Our top 5 Spring SALE picks – from Pikachu to classic sprites, what will you choose?


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