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Q&A: So Much Beedrill, Not Enough Pokemon

Q&A: So Much Beedrill, Not Enough Pokemon

The sun shines in London town, well, sometimes. In quite a rare evening of 30 degree heat, we decided to put down pencils and wander down to the local park for a spot of Pokemon hunting. Awkward stares and curious bystanders aside, it was time to answer your Pokemon questions – from favourite games to the super-popular Pokemon Go.

After catching an endless stream of rabid pigeons running about, it was time to prop up a tripod and answer questions from Instagram.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to ask a question on Instagram. Because of the noise of trains zipping by, and those infernal bee(drill)s zipping about, we didn’t get time to answer all your questions. However, we’ll be doing more in the future, including live sessions, idea sharing and more!

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