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Two Tails, One Big Poké Adventure

Two Tails, One Big Poké Adventure

Everywhere you look, from the deepest forests to those deep caves, there’s a story to tell in the world of Pokémon. Epic, tense battles to long-lost friends; every journey is unique and ever-rewarding! There’s nothing quite like having a furry buddy on your shoulder as you roam around. Two Pokémon that we absolutely adore are the electric mouse Pikachu and charming little fox, Eevee. Why not bring out the best of them in a fresh Pokémon shirt inspired by the duo?

Tell me a Pokémon Tale

Introducing Tales of Kanto; a brand-new design for 2019 that puts the tails are the forefront! Something that makes the Pokémon series so special must be how iconic the creature designs are. The Pokémon translate effortlessly well to pixel sprites, to simple shapes; a testament to just how special and unique the world is! Pikachu and Eevee are two of the more recognisable of the gazillion critters out there, though, with a certain yellow lightning bolt now a household shape!

Hello, Pikachu and Eevee!

All about the Pikachu Memes

With that in mind, we looked to bring the duo onto a tee – and started by tinkering with a few meme-like designs for the first set of ideas! The electric mouse made headlines last year for the upcoming Detective Pikachu film, but also a super-effective meme. Just look at how shook Pikachu is in this totally random shot that took over the world for days! Why not capture that moment onto a tee?

The iconic Pikachu meme! All shook

How about a meme shirt?

A Tale of Two Tails

If shook critters weren’t quite your cup of tea, or tee, how about a focus on the tails? TeeChu’s creative guru Suze (@sockitty on Twitch) conjured up the idea as one of the variations – combiing the two tails into one colour-popping, simple yet bold, design. Using a Pokéball as the source, we thought to have the two tails out in full force – charged and ready for battle! Here are a handful of variations:

Exploring different Poké looks in some of our variations

The Vote

The all-important Instagram vote, where you have your say on which tee makes the final cut! Each shirt we produce goes to the public vote; where you can shape just how the collection looks! This set of designs was perhaps the toughest to put forward as each look was a fair bit different to the next. It was an absolutely close call, but the winner went to the two tails and ball (as odd as that sounds!)

The Final Design: Tales of Kanto

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