Introducing Groudon: An App for Dating Pokémon

Introducing Groudon: An App for Dating Pokémon

APRIL FOOL’s – Unfortunately Team Rocket scuppered our plans to release this app. Bad Team Rocket!

Ever wanted to take Raichu out to tea or Mewtwo to the club?

Announcing Groudon, a revolution new app in the works for iOS and Android, making finding Pokémon for friendship and dating easier than ever before!

The Groudon app algorithm – Simple Pokémon Dating

The Pokémon we meet truly have a impact on our journey. Friendship, companionship, romance; a chance encounter can change our lives forever! By matching Pokémon types with human attributes using futuristic algorithms, Groudon users can quickly discover like-minded critters nearby. View profiles, photos of potential matches and suggested friends – all within the Pokémon dating app!

If both human and Pokémon tap the “Catch” button, it’s an instant match! Messages can then be exchanged from within Groudon, meetings arranged and more. Find your perfect Pokémon catch today! The dedicated app also features a built-in camera and ratings system, where users can level up to unlock gifts and delicious treats for connections!

Groudon is currently in development and will be available to download from 1st April 2020. Here’s a fresh teaser trailer for what’s to come:


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