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Creator Spotlight | Nintendogamer92 Interview – @nintendogamer92

Creator Spotlight | Nintendogamer92 Interview – @nintendogamer92

We caught up with the awesome Nintendo guru/streamer @nintendogamer92 on his awesome Nintendo and gaming adventures! Thanks for stopping by, Alex!

1. Hey Alex! Tell us a bit about yourself and your gaming journey so far!

Ooooh a lil’ bit about me!  I am Alex, I am originally from the Isle of Wight, soon to be moving to Bristol.

I started gaming pretty much at the age of 3 where I was introduced to Super Mario Bros. Since then, I have been a collector of Nintendo mainly and have grown up playing the majority of the classics.

Animated gif of Mario and two baddies in the original NES classic, Super Mario Bros

Since lockdown happened, I had boxes of all my collection and thought I should set up an account, I was inspired by you, so here is @Nintendogamer92 and I hope I’ve made a joyful great safe place account.

2. What made you start collecting and taking photos of Nintendo games and consoles?

Honestly, YOU. I used to have a personal Instagram account. We never spoke in DMs back then, which I still find funny, but you commented on my small number of posts I took of my Nintendo shots.

I was always like I should stop just doing 10,000 selfies and set up a gaming account – @Nintendogamer92 – and then Lockdown literally got me the boost to do it. I think this was to give me a hobby whilst self-isolating for 3 months.


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3. On your gaming shelf, what would you say is your most special/memorable gaming item that you couldn’t ever part with?

I don’t really have much on my gaming shelf (yet) that’s because I like to keep things minimal, but I have all my stuff in neat boxes.

Maybe this will change when I do move and have a games room in October (STAY TUNED!) But I would say I LOVE my mums Mario patchwork crochet blanket. I think it’s because it’s HUGE, one of a kind and I love things that people create, meaningful and nice touch.


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4. Is there a game or console you just can’t get your hands on?

I was always lucky, I always got the latest Nintendo home console and always kept them too. I have never had to re-buy, BUT, I was young and always thought trading games was a good idea especially big IPs. I have not as many as I did on older gens, but I never regret and rush to buy unless it’s a BARGAIN or a steal.

Animated GIF of the Nintendo character ROB in Super Smash Bros doing a battle pose

I always wanted the R.O.B for the NES or the Dance Mat for the GameCube – these two are items that I never had my hands on, so that would be cool!

5. Who is your favourite Nintendo character and why?

Favourite Nintendo Character… LUIGI! I mean I started #WeegeeWednesday for that hunk!

Animated GIF of Luigi from Luigi's Mansion, in the dark

But honestly, I think we use to argue who is going to be bogeyman on Super Mario Bros. in our household because he had a green moustache in the NES game and I would always get him. He is also underrated and I think all 3 Luigi Mansion games are better than any other Mario 3D Game in my opinion… You shook right?

(You can see Alex’s love for Luigi on the community hashtag #WeegeeWednesday)

6. Loving your #GeekPicsWithFriends challenge on Instagram – a great way of connecting video game creators! What made you start the tag and how’s it going?

Aww thank you so much! With #geekpicswithfriends, I wanted to do something to uplift people and get people back to posting just PICTURES and not worry about the “popularity” contest and being noticed on just reels.

I am learning to do more and more reels, but I think it can be daunting. I love engaging with the loyal gaming community so wanted to just bring a bit of fun, get people involved – new and old. It just gets the community to know others, too.


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I dunno, I just always like to give back to people. I also love seeing pictures and seeing so many peoples different creativity on gaming posts!

7. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start a gaming Instagram page?

It’s funny you ask me this! I think I’ve had a handful of people ask me this or even wanting advice on their current page and I like to give advice, but I wouldn’t say I’m the most successful account.


But I will say what I have said to a lot of these people: 

Have fun, don’t stress about likes, shares, and comments. It will come in time, as long as YOU love YOUR grid, and YOU are having fun, people will see that and love that. But also, YOU will be happy. 

8. Love your streams on Twitch too! What do you enjoy most about streaming and what games do you normally stream?

I love Streaming when I know people can join in and play with me which is why I tend to not do many solo games on stream (also I like solo games on my own for “Me Time”). I like to have that time to play Splatoon, Mario Kart, Fortnite or Overcooked.

Animated gif of Splatoon 3, Squid Sisters, Splatfest

As we all know, I think we get a streaming fatigue and that’s okay, too. I will be going back to Horror streaming again as I do like the horror games as I always need a hand with the puzzles. I’m not the BEST gamer.

9. What franchise or sequel are you hoping Nintendo will release on the Switch or successor console?

Imma say it for the 1000th Time: NINTENDO, PLEASE, please release Kid Icarus with the SAME online as the 3DS, Starfox Battle Adventure 2, NintendoLand Online, & Pokemon Stadium, like a brand new one.


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I would LOVE to see Super Smash Bros with “Smash Run” added to it too.

10. What’s on your gaming music playlist at the moment?

Oooh a playlist. Yano, I don’t listen to music when I game I either have a lurk on someone’s stream or I am in discord gaming with others, but when I work, I put a lot of random lo-fi beats on YouTube from Animal Crossing to Zelda to Mario anything that is a vibe.

Animated GIF of Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch

11. Where can fellow Nintendo gamers find your work?

You can find me on Twitch, YouTube, X (Twitter what we saying, I feel odd), Threads, Instagram.

Plus you can use hashtag #WeegeeWednesday and tag me to show me all your Luigi goodies!

All links are in my bio on Instagram: Nintendogamer92

Thank you Alex for an awesome interview, it’s great discovering more about your gaming journey! If you like any of the TeeChu gaming tees or prints, you an use the code nintendogamer for a sweet 15% off your next order!


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