13 Nintendo Switch 2 Games We’d Love to See

13 Nintendo Switch 2 Games We’d Love to See

With Nintendo Switch 2 coming up (or whatever Nintendo decide to call it), there are plenty of opportunities for returning franchises, remakes and remasters! That dream Nintendo sequel you’ve been craving for years. It could happen with a brand new Nintendo console. Today’s blog is all about the dream games for Nintendo Switch 2. The wild, wacky and out there games. Some maybe more likely than others!

Tomodachi Life 2 for Switch 2

Let’s start with a game I’ve been mentioning in videos for forever now. Tomodachi Life 2. Where on earth is our fix of weird Mii goodness, Nintendo?

Tomodachi Life was one of the quirkiest, utterly bizarre and wonderful gems on the 3DS. It seems odd that Nintendo wouldn’t revisit the concept and expand on it on the Switch. A sequel for the Nintendo Switch 2 could add all sorts of new locations, accessories, scenarios and even have some possible online functionality or shared space for Miis to visit. Removing limited dating and gender options would be a great in a sequel, too!

A mockup box for Tomodachi 2 on Nintendo Switch 2

Mario Party Superstars 2

Roll up, roll up! It wouldn’t be a new Nintendo console without a Mario Party game. Mario Party Superstars was such a fun surprise when it came out – classic boards, classic mini-games – the perfect treat for fans. It’s a shame it didn’t quite get any follow-up content or DLC. So with that, a brand new game or expanded DLC for the Nintendo Switch 2 would be great to keep that classic party fun alive.

An animation of Mario getting two dice in Mario Party Superstars

Pokemon Legends: Johto for Switch 2

Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon. It wouldn’t be a new Nintendo console without a hearty helping of monster catching goodness. We all know that deep behind closed doors, Game Freak is beavering away at creating a whole new generation of Pokemon. However, it would be great to have spin-off tales and give the team a little longer to do their magic.

A Legends game for Nintendo Switch 2 based on Johto would be the perfect way to revisit the Pokemon region and keep things fresh, too! Exploring a familiar world but from an ancient perspective, and perhaps weave in a little Kanto lore, too!

A Pokemon Legends Johto Edition mockup box for Switch 2

New Star Fox for Switch 2

Another neglected franchise when it comes to Nintendo Switch surely has to be Star Fox. An epic, striking space adventure would be an absolutely perfect way to showcase the visual power for the Nintendo Switch 2. Could you imagine how stunning a brand new Star Fox adventure could look on modern hardware?

Throw in multiple routes, playable characters and online multiplayer for one incredible Star Fox experience. It’s been far too long, Nintendo! A game like this would be make the perfect launch title for Nintendo Switch 2.

An animation gif from Star Fox Zero on the Nintendo Wii U - an Arwing spinning overt the sea

Super Smash Bros. Melee HD

With the lack of GameCube remasters on the Nintendo Switch, could the next console get a heap of GameCube remakes and remasters? With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the team’s incredibly ambitious dream to have every single character became an incredible reality. So how can we surpass that?

Whilst building something completely new, a way to get that fix in the meantime could be a stunning HD remaster of the GameCube classic, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Upgraded visuals, that much-loved adventure mode and speedy combat could make it a great port to have on Nintendo Switch 2!

A GameCube Classics mockup box for Super Smash Bros. Melee on Switch 2

Nintendo Extreme Sports for Switch 2

We’ve had Nintendo Switch Sports, so how about Nintendo Extreme Sports? Franchises  like Excitebike, Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding were all a little neglected on the Nintendo Switch – and these classics are ones that fans have been craving for years!

These might not have enough pulling power on their own, so perhaps bundling them into one meaty extreme sports game could be a great and exciting way to bring them back! Throw in online play and leaderboards for a great arcade sports experience on Switch 2!

Nintendo Extreme Sports boxart mockup for Switch 2

Diddy Kong Racing 2

A dream game that’s highly unlikely for any console, yet alone Nintendo Switch 2, is the return to Diddy Kong Racing. Whenever we talk about classic racing games, this one always comes up. The master of kart racing in design, control and just the sheer volume of content.

Impressive for the Nintendo 64 days and still impressive years later! Having a sequel with that great adventure mode, multiple vehicles and those quirky Rare characters would be a dream game. Or even a stunning HD remaster.

Mockup boxart of a Diddy Kong Racing remake on Switch 2


Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages Remake

It wouldn’t be a new Nintendo console without some Zelda content, right? The Nintendo Switch 2 has a tough time ahead with its predecessor having two incredible 3D Zelda games. One pair of classics that need a remake are Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages.

These two Game Boy gems would be amazing to bring back, especially in the adorable Link’s Awakening chibi style. Nintendo could use that same visual style and game engine for another charming 2D Zelda adventure!

Animated image of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons from the Game Boy Color

Chrono Trigger 3D

Speaking of 2D classics that deserve a remake, how about Chrono Trrigger. This SNES rpg is still one of the best of all time, with incredible characters, music and one timeless story. It’s a difficult one to consider for a remake given how much loved the original is

. Square Enix has done a great job with pseudo 3D games like Octopath Traveller 2 – it could be a great art style to preserve that classic Chrono Trigger look. Throw in reworked animated anime cutscenes for a great re-imagining on Nintendo Switch 2.

Mockup boxart of a Chrono Trigger remake for Switch 2

Super Mario Galaxy 3 for Switch 2

Super Mario Galaxy is another series that I talk about often. I absolutely adore the series on the ol’ Nintendo Wii. It’s been years since Nintendo took the plumber to the deepest regions of space, so perhaps the right time to revisit? That said, Nintendo rarely revisit a similar theme (well, except the New Super Mario Bros series!), so its unlikely.

That said, we can dream, right? With the more upgraded tech for the Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo could really use a 3D Mario game like Super Mario Galaxy 3 to showcase some really wacky game design and striking visuals. A system seller for sure!

Animation of Mario jumping from Super Mario Galaxy

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Remake for Switch 2

Another Zelda game that everyone always talks about is, you guessed it, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Nintendo 64 classic does deserve a remake or even a total re-imagining with more current hardware. Perhaps a little Director’s Cut with additional story to tie into Tears of the Kingdom and other recent adventures and introduce cut content and dungeons.

Nintendo could give this project to the Grezzo, who worked on the 3DS version, whilst they work on a brand new 3D Zelda separately. It would be perfect as a launch title for Nintendo Switch 2.

A Zelda Ocarina of Time Switch 2 HD remake - mockup boxart image

Donkey Kong 3D Land

3D Donkey Kong, anyone? Anyone? There has been so much anticipation for some new Donkey Kong content on the Nintendo Switch. 2D Donkey Kong, 3D Donkey Kong. Anything. However the simian has been left to one side, sadly, this generation. Could the Nintendo Switch 2 finally be a chance for the Kong to truly shine? It’s about time we finally get a second 3D Donkey Kong game, a bit like Donkey Kong 64. However, a Donkey Kong game that’s still side-scrolling and feels a little like Super Mario 3D Land could be a great hybrid approach!

An animation from the Donkey Kong 64 introduction cutscene

Mario Kart X Crossover for Switch 2

Onto the big one. Mario Kart X. It’s been rumoured for months now that Nintendo could be skipping Mario Kart 9 with Tour being the official ninth title in the series. Going onto Mario Kart X, how could Nintendo possibly top the mammoth Mario Kart 8: Deluxe? How can the new Mario Kart feel fresh? By introducing more  cross-over characters and stages, it could almost become a Nintendo Kart experience. Throw in Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, Kirby – all the favourites. A true celebration of the series, whilst still feeling very much like Mario Kart. Here’s hoping Nintendo will go big!

A gif of Princess Peach jumping on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8


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