Nintendo Themed Gift Guide – Christmas 2023

Nintendo Themed Gift Guide – Christmas 2023

It’s geeky gift-giving time! Whether you’re treating yourself or a geeky friend/loved one, why not grab some unique Nintendo merch? Fan designs inspired by these incredible worlds – unique retro looks built from the ground-up, limited-run and exclusive to TeeChu.

The Mushroom Kingdom Fan

Classic Mario pixel design, retro t-shirt. Close-up image.

Gift the perfect Nintendo gift for the Mario fan this Christmas with unique designs that capture the essence of the iconic plumber’s adventure. The Mario tees pay homage to gaming’s golden era with a unique retro look. Crafted with comfort in mind, these Mario tees are inspired by the series – woven with high-quality, long-lasting materials for long gaming sessions!

A nostalgic nod to classic pixel art with a modern twist. These are sure to delight any fan of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Shop Mushroom Collection

The Hylian Adventurer

Image of a Zelda inspired Triforce t-shirt, and classic games

Embark on a mystical journey through Hyrule and beyond with our Zelda-themed gaming tees! Immerse any Zelda enthusiast with our collection of unique designs that blend classic pixel aesthetics with a little modern twist. These Hylian designs transport Zelda adventurers back through time with series lore woven into each design. Carefully crafted, with a unisex comfy fit.

These Zelda tees are built to last any big adventure!

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The Speedy Hog

Image of Sonic shirt, with two Sonic classic games on the Mega Drive

Fuel the Sonic fanatic’s enthusiasm with our Sonic-themed retro gaming tees and prints! These designs capture the high-speed energy of everyone’s favourite blue blur! Not only do they showcase the iconic blue hog, but these Sonic tees embrace the long-running (pun intended) series lore.

Supreme comfort, long-lasting and are must have additions to any gaming wardrobe. Whether you speed through Green Hill Zone or face off against the diabolical Dr. Robotnik, do it with effortless retro style!

Shop Speedy Hedgehog

The Wild Monster Trainer

Image of a classic Pokemon t-shirt and Nintendo gameboy. black and white

Embark on a retro Pokemon-themed adventure with our unique Pokémon tees! Unique pixel designs that capture that classic feel of the incredible critters, the vibrant world of the wild monsters. Immerse any Pokemon fan in the vibrant world and nostalgia. Designed for any adventure with a super comfy fit, with prints designed to last any epic battle! Treat a Pokemon fan to unique Pokemon-inspired merch.

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