An Augmented Reality Gallery in Snapchat!

An Augmented Reality Gallery in Snapchat!

Hi, everyone! This is Suzie from Critical Lit Games, generating text based games with AR (Augmented Reality). What’s great about AR is the amount of resources available for creators to make something truly innovative, especially with storytelling!

I wanted to make an interactive gallery with TeeChu products for quite a while now. With Lens Studio, I could make this an accessible reality! All you need is Snapchat and a Lens Link or Snapcode, then you can decorate your room with wonderful Geek and Gamer prints! If you’d like to see the names of the prints used for T-shirts, just tap and hold a print on the screen!

I hope you enjoy this snap! It’ll be in your Snapchat carousel for 24 hours after unlocking it – but you can also go back and give it another go at any time.

Visit the TeeChu AR Gallery

About Suzie G

Suzie is singer/songwriter and producer as Suzie.exe - a lover of Nintendo, Science Fiction and Candy! You can sometimes find her on a Teechu stall near you!

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