A Trip to the Pokémon Center London

A Trip to the Pokémon Center London

What can you spend 7 hours doing? You could watch the first 5 Pokémon movies back to back, or perhaps even get a Pokémon tattoo, if you like. How about queuing to visit the super-popular Pokémon Center in London?

Sitting in the Westfield shopping centre until 15th November, Pokémon Center London hosts all sorts of incredible goodies. From detective Pikachu plushies to plushies of the new Galarian starters – apologies to your wallet in advance.

The adorable London City Pikachu

A wall of Eeveelution plushies at Pokemon Center London

Pokémon Center London: What’s inside?

Set across two rooms, there’s everything Pokémon from wall to wall – but the stars of the show must be the exclusive London City range. An adorable Pikachu with a bowler hat, an umbrella, notebooks and the most elusive item of them all – an exclusive pin! As well as the limited-edition goodies, the store also hosts plushies abound – from the new starter critters to a giant Whalelord. We’re talking giant.

Alongside these furry Poké bits are a wall full of disturbing, yet cut, Mimikyu that want to eat your soul, plus a section with some neat regional posters too. Curious about what’s inside? Take a look at our Pokémon Center London tour video:

Why the queues, you ask? The store has a limited number of items available to buy per day – with certain plush and pins selling out within minutes. Remember that Malibu Stacey episode from The Simpsons. It’s that but on a massive scale. Thousands of trainers from around the country and continent travelled for miles – on planes, trains, Ubers and on Lapras just to experience this one-time pop-up shop. A fair few people queued up overnight to be one of thirty to grab hold of a limited-time pin. It is pure Pokémon adrenaline!

Sword and Shield keyrings at the Pokemon Center London

Anyone for tea at the Pokemon Center London?

Pokémon Center London: The Challenge

With the early starts also comes the challenging part: An item limit of 5 items per person (edit: this has since been lifted) and no duplicates for some of the rarer stuff, naturally. So bring a friend, family member, lover, dealer, imaginary buddy to pick up those extra items for your haul! Speaking of haul, we also rustled up a little video of our Pokémon Center London Haul:

So was it worth braving the freezing London cold, the queues and frantic shopping spree for some exclusive goodies? The short answer is, yes! Of course, you could also have a gander at our Pokémon shirt collection!


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