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You are Awesome! 2018 Highlights

You are Awesome! 2018 Highlights

You, yes you, are awesome! 365 days of pure geekyness and gaming; another chapter in our adventure. The biggest reason that we love to create and develop is, quite simply, you!

We would love to say a massive thank you for your support throughout 2018! Whether it’s a hello at one of our events, ordering fresh gaming gear, joining in discussion on Instagram or voting for new designs! The gaming community is what drives us, what inspires us and what makes this journey incredibly special. To find like-minded folk with similar and not-so-similar experiences, to discover new games and to be inspired is a core part of what we do!

Evolution of TeeChu!

2018 has been a tricky year to navigate for many reasons; a year that many would agree has had its fair share of highs and lows, but ultimately a year for discovery and learning. We’ve explored different themes, drawing a lot of inspiration from incredible content creators on Instagram. All your suggestions, feedback (both good and constructive) have helped mould some of our favourite designs so far! We massively appreciate every like, each share and shoutout!

To see folk wearing the designs that we’ve curated together, whether it’s geeking out at Comic Con or being shared online is such an exciting and rewarding feeling. It’s something that just couldn’t happen without you!

Augmented Reality T-Shirt Gallery

At the very beginning of 2018 our resident technical guru Suzy ( on Instagram) conjured up a ingenious way of exploring our collection: an interactive gallery! Unfortunately, we don’t have the keys to a physical gallery just yet, but the Snapchat lens is the perfect way of exploring our collection at home! Find out more on this blog: Augmented Reality AR T-Shirt Gallery

Enter our Augmented Reality t-shirt gallery

Geeky Instagram Story Templates

We put pen to paper and brewed up hand-draw Instagram templates, for things like favourite Pokémon, controllers and more! It’s incredible seeing the answers you conjure up and share! The full selection of templates can be downloaded by taking a screenshot on your favourite templates in the “Templates” highlights on our Instagram page.

Free geeky Instagram story templates to download

Searched for Boo in the Woods

Where’s the adorable Nintendo ghost hiding? We got a nifty tip-off that the ever-cheeky Boo was lurking deep within the woods. Armed with a trusty ghost-hunting tool, we attempted do find that elusive ghoul…

Return of the Three Pokémon Starters

There’s something timeless about the original Kanto starters. The fiery Chamander, water master Squirtle and the charming Bulbasaur; three iconic Pokémon. These three sprites were woven into our very first design back in 2016. We decided to bring the trio back after all your feedback and comments for a second run!

Launched Peach and Smash Bros. Inspired Designs

We bought a trio of new designs to 2018 – something that’s was tough to do: creating something that’s truly unique and special. Not s a quick throwaway design, but a piece that we believe captures the spirit of the games or franchises that inspire them. These included a mammoth project; original sprites stitched into our Settle it in Smash shirt, and a tribute to the Mushroom Kingdom legend, Peach, in Her MajestTee shirt.

Two brand new tees for 2018

What’s next for TeeChu?

Can you believe its 2019 already? We’re looking to expand our Twitch page with more multiplayer madness and community games, delving into more conventions and possibly even look into a Kickstarter campaign for some of our collections!

A big thank you for all your support online, at events and in everything we do! You are what makes our journey incredible and worthwhile – a collective of geeky minds!


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J is TeeChu's founder and resident artist, a big Sonic and Zelda fan. Born and raised on hedgehogs and forest adventures!

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