Paws Your Game: Twitch Cat Throwing Drama

Paws Your Game: Twitch Cat Throwing Drama

Save those kitties! Protect your puppies! Let those Hamsters roll around free – it’s time for a fresh music video. Introducing… Paws Your Game!

The Twitch Cat Throwing Drama

Twitch – home to incredible speed runs, stunning art and IRL streams. It’s a place for creators to truly engage with their audience. From watching folk nibble away at a delicious takeaway, to being there live as they smash through a goal. There’s nothing quite like it – an eclectic community spirit; and something for everyone!

Recently, Twitch has come under fire due to pets. Those adorable fuzzballs that us human folk simple love. Companions for life; these furry friends need respect. They need care and should be looked after!

The Twitch Throwing Cat Drama

Unfortunately, several Twitch Streamers have made headlines for handling their pets in a questionable way – whether it’s a throwing a cat live on Twitch in a heat of a battle or even a harmless kiss that has deadly repercussions.

Whilst we don’t advocate being bad to pets, we also don’t advocate a witch hunt (unless you’re paying Banjo-Kazooie of course!). The streamers in question have since apologised. People do make mistakes and part of any journey is to learn and grow! If the situation persists, however, Twitch should certainly take action – whether it’s a temporary ban or something more.

Moving Forward from Throwing a Cat Live on Twitch

Paws Your Game

Introducing a brand-new song, “Paws Your Game” – a rather random jingle that we hope will bring a little light-hearted-ness to the situation. We hope it could also help urge streamers to take a little bit more care if the song gains traction!

Sure, it could mean stopping a world record attempt or getting knocked out in a heated match, but our pets need a good looking after – they need to come first!

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