7 Top Pokemon Instagram Accounts to Catch

7 Top Pokemon Instagram Accounts to Catch

As part of our Pokemon Festival, which includes Pokemon Day, we have picked our seven top Pokemon Instagram accounts.

Instagram is a haven for stunning images, creative compositions and the downright weird. Though there are thousands of top Pokemon Instagram accounts out there, there are some that truly stand out. The profiles have made names for themselves with stunning images, exclusive content and expanding beyond onto YouTube. So, before Snorlax awakes, here are our top 7 accounts – in no particular order:

1) @lifeispokemon

To begin, @lifeispokemon says how it is on the tin. Since 2015, the account has been growing strong with a new YouTube profile and, more recently, amusing memes. You’ll encounter snaps from the Pokémon anime, adorable merchandise and pics that tug at the old ‘eart strings. The page also recently topped 100k followers, earning @lifeispokemon a spot one of our top Pokemon Instagram accounts. So you should probably give the page a go?

Likeispokemon is one of the top Pokemon Instagram accounts

@lifeispokemon on Instagram

2) @h0enn

A Pokemon account that posts a heap of content each week, @h0enn is one of our favourite accounts for dedicated Pokemon content. A passionate fan, @h0enn mainly posts snaps of custom Pokemon merchandise, including TeeChu’s own range, fan-art and stunning takes on the older games. From smart amiibo crossovers to Piano renditions, there’s a lot of variety in store for the avid Pokemon collector. We highly recommend having a visit to @h0enn on Instagram.

We'd definitely recommended h0enn as one of our top Pokemon Instagram accounts

@h0enn on Instagram

3) @pokesphere

Another veteran Pokemon account is @pokesphere – who posts striking shots of the classics, adorable plush toys and wacky fan creations from around the world. You’ll encounter clever paper art, pixel badges and the odd cross-over, including a neat Mario x Pikachu plushie! The account is growing strong with over 147,000 followers and a thriving hashtag, #pokesphere. So we definitely recommend tapping that link and visiting @pokesphere.

Have a look at Pokesphere on Instagram

@pokesphere on Instagram

4) @fierypika

If it’s artwork you’re after, one of the most striking and visually delicious accounts for Pokemon fans is @fierypika. On this page you’ll encounter delicately painted tributes, inventive new Pokemon ideas and sketches. While some artwork stays close to the Nintendo source material, others go a little bit more bizarre. Love a good painting? @fierypika is one page that comes highly recommended.

Zap zap zap it's fierypika, one of our top Pokemon Instagram accounts!

@fierypika on Instagram

5) @pokemon_insta1

Toy collectors and lovers of figure photography will be right at home here. Despite their small size, these figures make a big impression. There’s just so much that can be done with figures, and @pokemon_insta1 doesn’t disappoint. Page owner Kevin posts some of the most inventive and intricately detailed shots of Pokemon toys. One moment you’ll stumble upon a toy critter on a toilet, and the next, a Snorlax blasting ice with a Hyber Beam.

Want toy pokemon figures?

@pokemon_insta1 on Instagram

6) @pokecarnival

It’s always an eclectic party with @pokecarnival! The page is one of the biggest accounts on Instagram that’s purely dedicated to all things Pokemon. From amusing memes to hilarious animé crossovers, the page is certainly one to follow. @pokecarnival also asks community questions and recently launched a Twitch profile that streams live Pokemon games.

Pokecarnival is one to beat as our top Pokemon Instagram accounts

@pokecarnival on Instagram

7) @pokemondailyy

Want that daily dose of Pikachu and friends? Begin each day with a good brew, breakfast and a heap of Pokemon content. From adorable plush picks to amusing memes, @pokemondailyy is packed to the brim with interesting posts that every Pokemon fan would love. Here you’ll discover tasty Pokemon food treats, news and fan art. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s first generation friends or critters from the more recent games.

pokedaily - daily pokemon goodies!

@pokemondailyy on Instagram

So in conclusion, there are hundreds of Pokemon accounts on Instagram – and these are our seven favourites! Have your favourites? Be sure to tag them in the comments.


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  1. Flying_hawlucha says:

    Hi, I’ve been growing since May 2017 I’ll soon hit 30k please check me out @flying_hawlucha

    December 9, 2019

  2. Felix Pettersson says:

    I really like @felixandliamtheshinyhunters because theys content is awesome. They are more on the pokémon go posts and they posts facts, pokémon songs remixes and good stuff. They are 1 month old I think and they already have 725 followers

    June 25, 2020

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