Summer Sale – Top Gaming Shirt Picks

Summer Sale – Top Gaming Shirt Picks

Our summer sale is in full swing, with shirts and prints inspired by the Zelda, Pokemon and Star Fox franchises! From modern Pikachu designs to classic pixel beanies, there’s something for every Nintendo fan to grab. These exclusive pieces won’t last long! Here are some of our favourite picks from the summer sale.

A Zelda shirt spotted in the wild

Love The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? The latest release in Nintendo’s popular adventuring series is a grand adventure across the plains of Hyrule as Link sets out to save the kingdom once more. His memories, lost and only left with a pair of trousers and a shirt, it’s down to our hero to regain his true strength. Our Shirt of the Wild Zelda shirt explores an ancient, Hylian style, mixed with the more futuristic tech found in Breath of the Wild. Pair this particular shirt with a classic green zip-hoodie or beanie to channel the hero within! It’s an ideal top for any Zelda fan.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld Shirt from our Summer Sale

Shirt of the Wild – Legend of Zelda shirt

The champion of fire takes the ring in our Pokémon shirt

If there’s any Pokémon that’s as popular as the ickle yellow mouse, it would have to be Charizard. Flash back to 1999 and playgrounds across the country were excited at the very mention of “Charizard”. A much sought after playing card and a final evolution that sparked fear in rival trainers. Our Evolution of Fire Charmander shirt shows the progression from a tough little lizard to a fearsome beast that lurks within. This particular design is a must-have for all fire Pokémon fans; a clean, striking look that works great with a pair of blue jeans or black trousers.

Celebrate Fire Pokemon with our Evolution of Fire shirt!

Evolution of Fire Charmander Pokémon shirt

Hey, Ash, there are monsters nearby

Looking for a standout, striking Pokémon shirt? Our Pokeball shirt design might well be the one for you! Based on the hit-summer sensation Pokémon Go and the classic Pokeball design, our There are Monsters Nearby shirt is the ideal design for a Pokémon fan that’ll complement any summer outfit. Pair this design with a light cardigan or baseball cap for the perfect trainer look.

Where did all the Pokemon go?

There are Monsters Nearby Pokémon shirt

High scoring Star Fox medals

After saving the universe from the baddies, the main goal in Star Fox is to discover the best routes and rank up those high scores. High scores in Star Fox equals medals, and our badge packs aim to capture the series heroes in high-quality badges! Catch Fox, Peppy, Falco and Slippy in a unique cell-shaded style with our Lylat Medals badge set!

Lylat Medals - Pin Badges

Catching Pokémon in a Frame

Remember those iconic pixel sprites from the original Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver? This generation was the first to start mixing up the Pokédex status sprites. We’ve reworked these classic sprites into a striking, colourful print. Our A3 Kanto Sprites Art Print is perfect for any gaming setup or living room, and is perfect with a chunky black frame!

Pin up these Pokemon!

Kanto Sprites Art Pokémon Print

Channel the power with a Hyrule Beanie

As well as his sword, shield and tunic, The Legend of Zelda protagonist Link has an iconic, green hat! There’s something quite special about Link’s elfish attire, and we wanted to capture this in a Hyrule beanie hat! This exclusive design has a pixel-woven triforce along the front, across a striking bottle green finish. It’s the perfect addition to your summer tee designs, for those who love beanies all year round!

Zelda beanie hat - in our summer sale


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