Sonic Inspired Tee Now Available to Pre-Order

Sonic Inspired Tee Now Available to Pre-Order

Saving adorable animals from being turned into creepy robots? Count us in! To celebrate the blue blur, the fastest hedgehog alive, we’ve launched a new and exclusive Sonic-inspired tee!

The fastest thing alive… Captured on a Sonic T-Shirt

It’s almost been 30 years. Almost three decades since a certain hedgehog popped on his iconic red trainers and battled a creepy professor. We absolutely love the Sonic the Hedgehog series. From day one the cheeky hedgehog has captured our hearts. The groovy 16-bit tunes, the challenging levels and Sonic’s quirky friends have made the series just so captivating!

Sonic’s had a bit of a shaky history at times; with some quite pants games (we’re looking at you, Sonic Forces), but always delivers some truly memorable moments! From that classic Knuckles revelation to fishing for a frog that’s happened to have eaten an emerald, who can say no to Sonic the Hedgehog?

The fastest thing alive…

We’ve always wanted to create a Sonic-inspired tee and capture that familiar ‘90s aesthetic. Wild geometric shapes, trippy lines and bold colours. We loved the decade – quirky, experimental and so distinctive in design!

A Sonic t-shirt voted by you

As with all the tees we produce, it’s down to you to vote for your favourite! The different designs played about with those shapes and colours; with the best hedgehog always taking the spotlight, of course! We were heavily inspired by the vaporwave aesthetic, trippy, futuristic styles that played heavily in the earlier Sonic games. Sharp, bold colours and subtle nods to those mythical Chaos Emeralds!


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Now available to pre-order

Presenting the winner of our Sonic the Hedgehog tee vote! Introducing our Gotta Go Fast Shirt – a fan tribute to one of the most-loved heroes in gaming! Exploding with colour and retro cuts, this tee is definitely one for Sonic fans.

The tee is now available to pre-order, with an exclusive pre-order discount, until 15th September. Be one of the first to own our newest design!

Pre-order Gotta Go Fast Shirt



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