The Return of the Triple Threat

The Return of the Triple Threat

Making a retro return, it’s our very first design – Triple Threat! Three classic critters leap are back into the spotlight…

There’s always something special about firsts. The first film in a sprawling space epic, the first 3D game for a retro classic, first console, first dates. It’s that initial impression that imprints that lasting memory. Whether it’s Pokémon Red/Blue or Pokémon Go, there’s always been such a strong importance to the Kanto region.

Professor Oak sure loves his Pokemon!

Leaving Pallet Town: One Big Adventure

As an aspiring trainer in the teeny Pallet Town, TV is drenched with one thing: Become a Pokémon Trainer, aged 10. Luckily a curious professor also lives in town. Professor Oak is a powerhouse of Pokémon knowledge, and tasks you with the all-important role: Catch ‘em all! The three critters he serves up (as companions, not to eat) are Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Famed Pokémon artist Ken Sugimori has a true skill at creating iconic monsters. Armed with pen and a wealth of inspiration, Sugimori created the most iconic starter critters. These adorable, tough and effortlessly cute Pokémon are simply timeless.

Welcome to Pallet Town, where Pokemon Journeys begin!

Three Pokémon Starters, one T-Shirt

The Triple Threat design was a special opener for us – being one of the very first complete designs. Brewed during one rainy evening; we settled on these three to be front-and-centre. The concept was also one where we wanted to develop a contemporary, simple look: bold, colourful and striking. There wasn’t a need for any other elements to box in the trio – just let them stand proud and ready for battle!

A Limited time Return

Just like Ash, we’re returning to the Kanto region for a quick stop. Have a pot of delicious ramen in Veridian City. Stop Team Rocket in their tracks ad it’s back to TeeChu HQ on the back of a Gyarados.

The Triple Threat design is making a very limited-run return! A massive thank you to everyone who commented, messaged and send us feedback on our retro Pokémon inspired look. We appreciate all the love for Triple Threat; and are extremely excited to be able to bring it back for another run! It’s especially significant given that it was the very first t-shirt in the collection, and that many of you got in touch.

It’s this collaboration that’s a core part of the TeeChu mission – we’re going on one big geeky/gaming adventure together: you, me and the fellow TeeChu crew – we’re bringing Team TeeChu to the Kanto region!

It won’t be around long; so be sure to catch yours before Team Rocket does…

A Triple Threat of classic Pokemon!

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