Pokemon Shirt Style Guide – Exclusive Tees for Trainers

Pokemon Shirt Style Guide – Exclusive Tees for Trainers

We believe that every Pokemon trainer needs a Pokemon shirt or two for their next big adventure into the wild! Whether it’s catching a critter on a bus playing Nintendo 3DS, or wandering through a dense, dimly lit forest to catch Charizard in Pokémon Go, we have a selection of exclusive designs inspired by the series for every trainer!

In our Pokémon shirt style guide, you’ll discover just some of our selection and some ideas of what to pair your next tee with.

All our shirts are available in a regular style, or a more fitted shape, with a taped neck and shoulders for extra comfort.

Can’t pick a starter? Have all three on a Pokemon shirt!

Flash back to that very moment when Professor Oak invites you to his laboratory and  pops one very important question: “You can have one! Choose!” You’re standing, palms sweaty, weighing up the options: Chamander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur?

Show your love for the trio and catch them all with our Triple Threat tee. An exclusive design inspired by the very first Pokémon starters, this Pokémon shirt wraps them up in a retro flavour – striking coloured pixels for a classic look, but with a contemporary finish. Pair our starter shirt with darker trousers/jeans or skirt for a striking homage to the much loved trio.

This Pokemon shirt is super retro!

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Get the electric feel with our Pikachu Pokemon shirt

Get a surge of energy whilst you head out on your next Pokémon haul with our Mosaic Mouse shirt. We love the yellow electric mouse, Pikachu, and have created a shirt inspired by his iconic shape; but with a geometric twist! The straight edged, stripped down look focuses on the critter’s iconic red cheeks and electric tail, whilst a Pokéball holds it all together – though we all know that Pikachu isn’t too fond of being shoved in a little ball!

Bring out the yellows and reds with greys/darker toned trousers/jeans/leggings or perhaps even a striking red skirt to complete the look? Show off your mastery of electricity in style!

A little yellow mouse! Get this Pokemon shirt look today!

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A tee for every team

Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon, with each of the three teams competing to hold down virtual gyms. Represent your Pokémon Go team and conquer these legendary birds with our trio of Pokemon shirts – Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct. Each of the designs take on a retro, pixel style to zip you back to 1996 when the series’ first began. Fiery, feisty, smart and inspired – represent your team on your future adventures with our limited edition collection.

Pair our Pokémon Go team tees with a pair of jeans/skirt, or perhaps level up with matching coloured trousers. There are rumours that Mewtwo would appear, if you do…

Pokemon shirt for Team Mystic

Pokemon shirt for Team Valor

Pokemon shirt for Team Instinct

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There are monsters nearby….

Want to celebrate a love for Pokémon and adventuring in a simpler, contemporary style? We have you covered with a design that simply says “Pokemon shirt” without being too bright and overstated. Refined, striking colours and simpler shapes come together to simply say, “I’m a Pokémon Trainer!” Greys, blacks and blue bottoms work well with this particular design, keeping it simple.


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Which are your favourite designs from the collection? Let us know in the comments…


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