Go Wild for our Pokemon GO Snapshot Music Video

Go Wild for our Pokemon GO Snapshot Music Video

What happens when you combine Pokémon GO’s snapshot feature with a music video? Introducing our slightly barmy, Augmented Reality music video – Wild Monster Traps! The world’s first Pokémon GO Snapshot fan music video.

Pokémon, meet Planet Earth

Those critters. Those adorable, fierce, powerful Pokémon that live nicely on our phones! What if they could interact with our world? What if we could interact with our virtual friends? I certainly would love to give a Jolteon a little pat on its prickly electric head. Pokémon GO made waves with the use of AR to catch ’em all. A Pidgey on the train or a Gengar haunting a graveyard; throw a ball and its yours. But how about simply plopping these critters anywhere, any time?

Pokémon, meet Planet Earth

A New Way to Snap Pokémon with GO Snapshot

We’ve always craved the option to pick out a fiery Charizard or a majestic Meowth and take snaps of our roster at any time, anywhere. Previously you were only able to take a shot whilst catching a newbie, but what about that strong team you’ve formed lifelong bonds with? GO Snapshot enables that – pick a critter, and have it stand proud! It’s been a really defining feature of Pokémon GO in recent weeks, with trainers around the globe capturing some incredible, breath-taking scenes!

A New Way to Snap Pokémon with GO Snapshot

Introducing Wild Monster Traps

So, we’ve used the GO Snapshot tech to create a music video featuring our favourite Pokémon: from Gyrados to Arcanine, Ninetales or Corphish! Introducing Wild Monster Traps;a unique way of exploring the world with Pokémon! The video combines real-life footage with Augmented Reality critters, using the iPhone screen recording and Garageband to bring it all together!

The original concept was to take snaps of Pokémon separately, and blend it all together with separate music video footage. But after the initial clips, it didn’t feel quite right – it was too separate. So how about merging the two worlds together? Shooting sequences with the Pokémon at the same time! It was an incredible challenging shoot, making sure that having a person within the same space as the Augmented Reality Pokémon looked right.

What do you think of our Pokémon GO Snapshot Music Video?


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