Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure Tips, Guide and Video

Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure Tips, Guide and Video

Have you ever wanted to pet a Jolteon or go jogging with a Magikarp? Well now you can with the Buddy Adventure feature in Pokémon Go! How does the Buddy Adventure work in Pokémon GO? Have no fear, trainer. We’ve put together some nifty Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure tips on getting the most out of those new friendships!

Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure tips – The Buddy System

For a while now you’ve been able to walk with a buddy and collect candy, but it was only really a little icon on the screen. A bit, well, soulless. But now, your buddy can walk, fly and roll around alongside you as you explore the world!


The Pokémon GO Buddy System

How does Buddy Adventure Work in Pokémon GO?

So how does Buddy Adventure work? Well, much like human friends, there are four different friendship levels to unlock for each Pokemon. Each of these bring new features as your love grows deeper.

How do you level up? Collecting hearts by doing all sorts of fun thing with your buddy each day, including:

  • up to 3 hearts for walking up to 6km a day
  • up to 3 hears for feeding your buddy with berries
  • Pet your buddy for 1 heart per day
  • Battle or train alongside your buddy for 1 heart per day
  • Find a new Pokéstop or Gym with your buddy for 1 heart per day
  • Take a photo of your buddy for 1 heart per day

How does Buddy Adventure Work in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure tips: Poffin Berries

Feeding your buddy in Pokémon GO is perhaps one of the most adorable and cute things, well, ever. Seeing your Eevee nibble away at a berry? You’d have to be heartless to not feel the love! Different berries also fill up different bars of hunger. Razz, Pinap and Nanab berries will fill up two bars of hunger, whilst golden and silver berries will stock up 3 bars.

A Poffin berry (which needs to be purchased for 100 coins) can also max out the hearts for feeding and makes your buddy a little bit, well, excited.

Feeding in Buddy Adventure & Poffin Berries

So that’s 10 hearts per day if you put in the effort, but apparently if your buddy gets excited, it can max out at up to 20 heats!

Once your buddy is full, it’ll walk alongside you until it needs to stock up on delicious grub once more.

Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure Tips: Friendship Levels

You might be wondering – all this work to build up buddy adventure friendship, for what? Well, a lovely friendship with your Poké-pals unlocks some nifty new features as your bond strengthens. The levels & benefits are:

Good buddy

Allows you to have your Pokemon follow you around on the map. It feels just like good old Pokemon Sword & Silver! Some Pokemon may even fly above you, Lugia looks FREAKY.

Great buddy

If you put in the time and effort, you’ll unlock Great Buddy. Your buddy may help you catch Pokemon and find presents. Awww, good boy!

Ultra Buddy

May lead you to an interesting Pokestop or even find little souvenirs!

Best Buddy

Will give you a special ribbon for friendship! Aww! This friendship status will also boost your CP in battles.

Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure

There’s no denying that this is an awesome new feature in Pokémon GO! Being able to play with, feed and walk around with your pals is a welcome addition – mixing up the flow of the game, especially for returning players.

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