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6 Sizzling Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

6 Sizzling Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

Ice-screams, sandals, beaches and marathon Pokémon Go sessions – summer has arrived! We’ve picked out six sizzling Nintendo-inspired tees to rock this summer season and beyond – from Pokémon to Mario Kart!

All aboard the S. S. Anne to Kanto!

The land of Kanto is home to many incredible little critters. From the adorable Pikachu to elusive legendary birds, it’s the place to be this summer! So why not hop onto the S.S. Anne ferry and cruise on over? The Triple Threat design takes retro threads from the original Pokémon games, with three striking pixel starters: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur! This look revamps those iconic companions, but maintains that distinctive classic look. Catch those retro feels and become the ultimate trainer this summer!

All aboard the S. S. Anne to Kanto!

Heroic Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

The Master Sword is lurking deep in the woods. Do you have the courage to become the hero of legend? Hyrule is the most magnificent land to take a trip to in this scorching summer heat! Hop onto a horse, unravel that map and explore the ancient land! With a dollop of the famous Courage Elixir, you’ll make it to the Deku Tree in no time! Our Test of Courage design is inspired by The Legend of Zelda, with the iconic forest green look and Master Sword itself, ready to be drawn by a new hero…

 Heroic Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

Tear up the Tarmac this summer

One of the best holiday activities has to be Go Karting! Whether it’s dashing through lush sands in Spain or gawping at gorgeous Japanese backdrops, it’s always great fun to do! In the world of gaming, nothing comes close to Mario Kart. For over 25 years, Nintendo has bolted together some timeless karting games! Our Pixel Racer design is a big throwback to where it all began, revamping those classic sprites with a new modern finish. Powerslide to the finish in style!

 Tear up the Tarmac this summer - Mario Kart shirt

A classic Pokémon-inspired tale

Grab that map of Kanto, splash on some of that Max Repel and catch ‘em all! This summer Pokémon Go is making one epic comeback. Fresh new raids, global events and the new trading system. It’s the perfect opportunity for fresh Nintendo Summer T-Shirts! The Kanto Journey look features Red and his adorable little Pikachu, plus those iconic Gym badges. Tucked away in the background is an intricately detailed tribute to where the adventure began over 20 years ago… Pallet Town!

 A classic Pokémon-inspired shirt

Two Plumbers, classic Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

Two plumbers, one retro-filled t-shirt for summer! A plane trip to Island Delfino is now boarding, courtesy of Bowser Airways. It maybe a slightly, bumpy ride! Pop down a mysterious green pipe for a Goomba rave party and sip cocktails overlooking Bowser’s Magma Mountain. Our Original Bros. design features classic sprites, revamped, plus the iconic control pad that started it all. You’ll feel like a true retro platforming superstar on the beach and beyond!

 Two Plumbers, classic Nintendo Summer T-Shirts

Why not head to another planet?

The Lonely Planet Tours is about to embark! Head munching Metroid await deep below the surface of planet SR388. But it’s delightfully warm down there. Plus the views are absolutely spectacular! To explore this far-away world, the perfect tee is our Bounty Hunter design! A classic look inspired by everyone’s favourite bounty hunter – retro in feel, complete with striking Japanese lettering and deep red/green tones. A fitting tribute to Samus Aran for the summer season!

Why not head to another planet? Metroid shirt

Which of these Nintendo Summer T-Shirts are your favourites?


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