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Must Have Geeky Tees in our Winter Sale

Must Have Geeky Tees in our Winter Sale

Dip into those retro vibes and grab some fresh gear to start the year! We’ve picked our four-must have designs that will only be around for a limited time! Each of these classic cuts were voted for by you on Instagram – including Mario and Zelda inspired looks. Grab more of our unique gaming looks in our cheap gaming shirts sale!

Mushroom Kingdom Royalty

Every Kingdom needs a leader, a true legend – wise, tough and full of love! That’s Princess Peach in a Koopa (nut) shell. Having gone on many escapades over the years, Peach is truly one of the most familiar faces in gaming. Since thwarting the devious lizard in Super Mario Bros 2, Peach has reigned supreme over board games, tennis courts and go-karting. Ever versatile but with a true ‘eart of gold, you can’t help but admire her! Become part of the Mushroom Kingdom club with our Princess Peach shirt, inspired by the classic pixel design.

  Mushroom Kingdom Royalty - Princess Peach tee

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Taking the Test of Courage

In the journey of every hero comes that challenging moment. Where you need to push past those barriers, leap through treacherous pits of danger and cement yourself as a legend. In Hyrule, it’s all about that timeless blade. A sword that survives everything: sea, sky, forest. It channels power and surges courage to beat down evil. Boop! Our Test of Courage tee summons that classic blade, ready for you to go on one epic, retro adventure!

Taking the Test of Courage - Zelda inspired shirt

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A Ghost in Disguise

A misunderstood little ghost, wanting a little time in the spotlight! The ever-adorable Mimikyu has a little curse, so it trots about disguised as a Pikachu! Why? Because everyone loves that little electric mouse and if someone sees Mimikyu in the flesh. Well. No-one’s ever survived to tell us what happens. Poor, lost soul. It’s time for Mimikyu’s time to shine and the ghost needs your help! Let’s give the critter a little love with a limited-edition Mimikyu tee.

Mimikyu is a Ghost in Disguise

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Two Platforming Brothers

Two brothers, one massive adventure! The dynamic duo have been saving the Mushroom Kingdom for decades now, bringing a whole host of epic platforming tales to the living room. Want to catch those retro feels? Why not head on down the iconic green warp-pipe and grab our Super Mario Bros. inspired tee! You’ll be wrapped up in a delicious helping of ‘90s nostalgia – intricate pixel details and nods to what makes Mario just so special.

Two Platforming Brothers - Original Bros. Shirt

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