Roll up! Free Mario Party Dice Template

Roll up! Free Mario Party Dice Template

Four familiar pages, one trap-filled game board – Super Mario Party has rolled onto the Switch! Coins, mini-games, stars and friendship destroying marathons – there’s nothing quite like a Mario Party game. For over 20 years, Nintendo have created some incredible party experiences! Super Mario Party spawns over 80 quirky mini-games, from rumble quizzes to cloud jumping, treasure hunting to barrel rolling. We love the free-roaming boards, collaborative/competitive games and amusing extras!

Tricky Mario Party games. The ruiner of friendships!

Mario Party Dice Templates

We absolutely adore the Mario Party art-style. It’s popping with classic Nintendo colour, buzzing with all sorts of interesting throwbacks and brimming with Mushroom Kingdom brilliance. The Mario Party dice are so iconic now, a series staple that can make or break a turn! Change the flow of the game in an instant.

How about mixing up your table-top gaming in real life with our Mario Party dice templates to print off! Whether it’s the item block for the odd drinking game or a numbered Mario Party dice for your table-top favourites, we’re sure you’ll love these ickle cubes. Download your free templates below:

Download Mario Party Dice Templates

Download Mario Party Dice Templates

How to build your Mario Party Dice

After downloading your Mario Party dice templates, simply cut around the edge of the template. Fold and carefully crease each square, pushing in the grey tabs. Dash  a teeny splodge of glue onto each tab and plop it all together, one side at a time. Then it’s time to roll, roll, roll!

How to make your Mario Party Dice


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