Level up the Love with a Pokemon Valentine’s Gift

Level up the Love with a Pokemon Valentine’s Gift

Level up the love this Valentine’s Day with our unique assortment of exclusive gifts for video game fans – shirts, prints and badges you won’t find in stores. Find the perfect Pokemon Valentine’s Gift for trainers

Time is ticking till the annual love fest, and we’ve prepared our selection of items to equip – including an electric Pokémon Valentine’s gift and limited-edition art prints for their favourite franchises! Each shirt and print comes with a signed, numbered certificate – with only a small number of each design produced. Missed out on Valentine’s? Not to fear. Be a little spontaneous, like a Pokémon popping out in the wild, and how about a little randomly generated treat?

So here are our top 5 Valentine’s gaming gifts this year:

1) Pokemon Valentine’s gift – Ignite the Passion

Ignite a searing passion for retro gaming and Pokémon training with our Evolution of Fire shirt, a striking, contemporary design that focuses on the transformation of the adorable Charmander to Charizard. A love that spawned from in instant flame to one that’s ever burning, a desire that’s growing, perhaps? They’ll love the sizzling fire details and nods to cell-shaded animation.

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2) The Chemistry is Electric with this Pokemon Valentine’s gift

They always talk about the chemistry, right? How about showcasing that electric feel with our Mosaic Mouse shirt? If they’re a Pokémon fan and have a love for Pikachu, they’ll love this particular Pokemon Valentine’s gift – a shirt based on the adorable yellow mouse, stylised as a unique geometric design.

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3) A Hero’s Love

Unless you’re relaxing on a gorgeous beach in the sunshine, Valentine’s Day usually comes when it’s a little bit chilly out there. If they’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, they’ll love to wear our hero’s winter beanie hat – a pixel stitch design that brings a little retro feel to their winter look.  They’ll love the intricate stitching and the bottle green finish; a nod to the hero of time himself.

Shop Hyrule Winter Beanie Hat

4) Pin-up Passion

Pin up their passion for video games and retro gaming with our selection of pin badges! Each pack comes with four, intricately detailed, badges and a unique backing card. From our Wild Monster Traps set, which has four Pokeball, to our Lylat Medals badge pack, there’s a pack for everyone! With our limited-time buy 2 get 1 free deal, perhaps grab a pack for you, too…?

Shop gaming pin badge packs

5) Frame Your Love for Classic Gaming

A gift that lasts, something that can be framed and a gift that’s unique. Our art prints can enrich their home or office space with classic pixel designs and contemporary shapes. Pokémon fans will love our colourful Kanto Sprites Art Print, and petrol-heads will cower in fear with our Mario Kart inspired Blue Shell Art Print!

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