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January Update: New Designs and Discord

January Update: New Designs and Discord

Can you believe January has just flown by – like a Loftwing across Hyrule, or a Ho-Oh soaring through Kanto! Here are a handful of highlights from what went down here at TeeChu HQ!

A Little Website Revamp

A new year, time for a wee website facelift! One of the things we found from a lot of TeeChu adventurers was that it was a little tricky to find certain collections. Love Zelda? A massive Pokémon fan? Some of our favourite pieces in these collections were buried away, locked deep within Bowser’s castle. So we set out to rework this, making it quick and easy to unlock these treasure chests and find what you like!

So, for example, why not dip into the Hyrule Legends or soar into Space Stories? These can be found on the side menu (on your mobile or tablet) or at the of the page if you’re sitting at a PC (the best way!).

TeeChu’s SnapChat Gallery

One of the most interesting parts of January was launching our very first Augmented Reality gallery! Teaming up with Critical Lit Games, we launched a neat new experiment. Wherever you are in the world, step inside the TeeChu gallery and explore our different designs! Admission is free, but we don’t have any grub or drink. You can always imagine a glass of Lon Lon Milk, however!

View the TeeChu AR Gallery on Snapchat

Brand New Designs

Designing new tees never stops here at TeeChu HQ! We grabbed a pen and paper and started to brew some ideas for the new collection. Spoiler, alert! Well, not really, but here are just some of the concepts we put together. The first is one of the more requested designs; a spooky Mimikyu! A poor little critter with a lonely backstory; hidden away under a Pikachu-themed guise.

Welcome to Discord

One of the best parts of going on our journey is going on it with you! We love the TeeChu community; there’s so much love for Zelda, Pokémon and retro goodies! With that in mind, we launched a new Discord channel for copious amounts of memes, announcements and suggestions! So why not come hang out with the TeeChu crew and join our Discord channel today!

Stop Motion Samus

We crafted a little space adventure with Samus! The bounty hunter uncovers a secret shirt hidden within her past… This one was a toughie to produce, but a fun little experiment!

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