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Creator Spotlight | Sariaslays Interview @sariaslays

Creator Spotlight | Sariaslays Interview @sariaslays

We absolutely love The Legend of Zelda here at TeeChu HQ, and what better way to celebrate the series than catch up with an aspiring Hylian warrior? Pixellacreations (Saria) is a game collector, Twitch streamer and crafter; weaving intricate worlds with impressive photography!

1) Hi Saria! Tell us a little about yourself and why you started your Pixellacreations Instagram collection?

Hello ? So I’m a 23 year old Scottish gal who absolutely loves gaming and collecting! I started out my Instagram page as a way of sharing my jewellery art, which I used to make. But then discovered all of the awesome mini communities, like toy photography and game collections! So I just had to get involved!

Sarah / PixellaCreations's awesome miniature Switch creations!

2) What made you start collecting gaming merch as Pixellacreations?

I started out with my uncle giving me his old Nintendo 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cartridge, and once I had played it, I knew I had to play EVERY SINGLE ZELDA GAME ?. I still haven’t accomplished that goal, but it motivated me to collect as much Zelda stuff as I could! The style and story of The Legend Zelda is something I love. To collect that stuff makes me happy!

3) You seem to have a big love for Nintendo in particular! What would you say is so appealing about Pokemon, Zelda and co?

I do indeed! I think what’s most appealing is that anybody, no matter what age or generation you come from, can appreciate the charm of Nintendo games. They’re timeless and I’ll be enjoying them til the day I die. ?

Sarah / PixellaCreations wielding the Master Sword!

4) What’s your earliest gaming memory and your favourite retro console?

I remember sitting in my uncles house, with my brothers and cousin around me, watching him play Majora’s Mask! None of us were allowed to play on his save file in-case we messed up (I completely understand why not now ?). I remember being so amazed by that game!

This Deku shield is adorable!

5) What would you say is the most prized piece in your gaming collection?

It’s hard to say! I don’t really have anything rare since I don’t believe in spending crazy money on games. I do have a Majora’s Mask replica that I love!

6) What games have been impossible to find?

I looked FOREVER to find Twilight Princess for GameCube, and then my boyfriend got me it for Christmas! I was happy, haha! Also trying to find Four Swords or Paper Mario for GameCube is impossible. ?

These Pikachu slippers! Love this miniature set from Sarah / PixellaCreations

7) We first stumbled onto your work with the incredible miniature props! How do you go about creating these mini masterpieces?

Awww! I LOVE making those! I use polymer clay, and sculpt them into a likeness of the gaming characters and props I know and love! It’s so easy, anybody can do it, which is the great thing about it.

8) What tips would you have for someone starting out creating miniatures?

I would say take your time – have patience! Which I have none of, haha ? but it honestly took me about one year before I felt happy with what I could create, it’s art at the end of the day, so keep going until you’re happy with what you make!

These little Zelda rupees! Made by Sarah / PixellaCreations

9) If you could craft a town/city from a game, in mini form, what would it be?

Omg. I would 100% create Clock Town from Majora’s Mask! All the different characters and areas… a dream, haha ?

10) How do you currently go about sourcing new retro gaming goodies?

I usually use eBay, as there’s not many good retro gaming stores here in the U.K! And only buying what I really want has been handy so I don’t go bankrupt ?

Shield at the ready! Sarah / PixellaCreations

11) What’s currently in your gaming playlist?

I’ve been streaming a lot on Twitch recently, I’m currently playing Skyrim, a bit of Layers of Fear, Horizon: Zero Dawn, with Evil Within 2 and Fortnite waiting in the backburners! Too many games, so little time.

12) Where can Nintendo fans find your work?

I post mostly Nintendo content on my Instagram account @pixellacreations, although I do have a Twitch account @xSariaSlaysx where people can join me to play some games! I will hopefully be playing some Nintendo games on there in the future. ❤


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