12 Super-Effective Pokémon Cosplay Creations

12 Super-Effective Pokémon Cosplay Creations

Pokémon Cosplay invites so many opportunities to become your favourite Pokémon and animé characters! The dedication to reworking, interpreting and honouring these critters is incredible. Here are just a handful of cosplayers we simply adore:

Gyarados by @sabre_grove

As one of the most revered water Pokémon, Gyarados is one powerful beast. But just how to translate its enormous, sprawling, snake-like body into cosplay? Rather than mimicng Chinese dragon dancers, @sabre_grove opted for an armoured look instead. We absolutely adore the striking shoulder pads and ninja-esque helmet design. Sabre’s crafted a unique take on Gyrados; complete with powerful Magikarp staff. The little fish is just resting, that’s right, resting!

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Bellossom by @kidofmischief

Bellossom is perhaps one of the most enchanting by deadly critters! There’s a certain floral elegance about Bellossom that’s been framed perfectly by @kidofmischief. Cosplayer Az potrays the grass-type Pokémon perfectly. We absolutely adore the free-flowing green lace/mesh and the colourful, popping petals! The intricate attention to detail is certainly a fitting tribute and makes for an exceptional Pokémon cosplay.

Cubone by @helloiamkate

We first stumbled on @helloiamkate’s cosplay journey with her exceptional Cubone! Kate has created an exciting take on our favourite critters: Post-Apocalypic style! What would happen if barmy Ash Ketchum pressed a big-red Voltorb and blew up the world? Kate’s Cubone (and also Blastoise) are striking takes on classic Pokémon – we love the raw, edgy detail and of course Cubone’s iconic bone helmet/hat/face?

Machoke by @gym_cosplay

Train hard enough, Pokémon fans, and you could become a Pokémon one day! Long and intense sessions battling through rivals at the local gym have transformed Jim into a tough critter! We love the pure dedication to capturing Machoke – its iconic three head prongs, its fierce jawline and of course, championship Pokémon belt! Do you dare battle @gym_cosplay?

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Nurse Joy by @scarletonthetile

You can’t have a Pokémon cosplay feature without Nurse Joy! The famed healer of injured monsters; a master of medicine, an essential face in the world of Pokémon! We loved this charming take on Nurse Joy from @scarletonthetile. Mira embodied the character fabulously in her Instagram shoot & stories, saving the little critters form harm! Of course no Joy is complete with an adorable little Jigglypuff. Jiggly!

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Espeon by @terminacosplay

Don’t you just love Eevee evolutions? One of our favourites has to be the mysterious, adorable Espeon! As mistress of psychic, best not to step on its tail! @terminacosplay weaves that sense of psychic oddity and magnificence incredibly well with her take on this gen II favourite. We love the intricate lace arm guards and Termina’s flowing purple locks. We absolutely adore Eevee based Pokémon cosplay creations!

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Pikachu by @sev_cosplay

The face of Pokémon and a series favourite, it’s Pikachu! The electric yellow mouse thunderbolts through many adventures with the bumbling Ash Ketchum. Bringing an eclectic, powerful take on Pikachu, it’s @sev_cosplay! Seviria’s Pikachu is one of our favourites from the world of Pokémon cosplay; and a throwback classic from her many different creations! We love the fusion of human, mouse and of course that iconic lightning bolt tail!

Misty by @ladyashexii

Fan-favourite Misty is one of Ash’s first companions in the Pokémon series. As an expert of all things fish and water, Misty is a tough trainer to beat! @ladyashexii throws it right back to the very first season of Pokémon, with cheery Misty vibes, complete with her memorable bright red suspenders and backpack. Alissa’s take on Misty is fantastic! Bonus points if you spot the reference: her bike that Ash nabbed in order to save little Pikachu!

Metapod by @savage83

Do you remember the first Metapod you ever encountered? It’s sitting, simply waiting to hatch. It perhaps isn’t the most exciting Pokémon out there! @savage83 transforms Metapod into a thing of pure mecha beauty! We’re inspired by Suon’s interpretation – battle ravaged, striking green armour and a neat Pokeball chest-plate! Throw in a Metapod shield for impenetrable defence.

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Seadra by @hailesyscosplay

Water-type beasts make incredible Pokémon cosplay! Conquering the seas and unleashing a barrage of liquid blasts, it’s the fearsome Seadra. @haileyscosplay has brewed a striking vision of Seadra! We love the scaling armour and rich, flowing cape detail. Throw in a charming Seadra spear for extra damage! Hailey has created a truly unique, powerful look!

Brock by @atmcosplay

You couldn’t have a Pokémon cosplay feature without the inclusion of Brock! The carefree Pokémon breeder is a true gent; and a fabulous cook (if the animé is to be believed!). This take on Brock by @atmcosplay is truly brilliant. We love Brock’s ever-amused expression, classic cut and the adorable little Onxy by his side. Andy’s interpretation totally… rocks!

Charizard by @elishajane_x

It’s time to throw fire types into the Pokémon cosplay mix! The queen of flames; the ultimate fiery beast. Who’s in charge? Charizard, of course! Bringing prehistoric armour and flare to everyone’s favourite fire type, it’s @elishajane_x. We love the striking armour detail, elegant cape and the raw Charizard head plate! To top things off, a powerful fire blade for epic attack power. Elisha-Jane has done a fabulous job!

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