8 Ways to Wear Gaming Pin Badges

8 Ways to Wear Gaming Pin Badges

Whilst pin badges are small in nature, they can leave a big impression and complement a look without being overbearing! Everyone’s owned a badge or two; whether it’s a band freebie or even a badge with a big “21” emblazoned on the front as a birthday treat. Our gaming pin badges are designed to be worn however you like! Pin them to a picture frame, a metallic board, your backpack, coat, how about your cat’s collar?

Here are just eight ways we’re using our collection here at TeeChu HQ.

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1) Bag up your gaming pin badges

Gaming pin badges on a bag!

A handbag, backpack, satchel or gym bag can make the perfect home for your ickle gaming pin badges! Rummage through your wardrobe, pick out that standout bag and badges at the ready! Here we have our trio of Pokémon inspired starters, in pixel form, dotted on a handbag; it’s an ideal way to add a classic look to your accessories on the go. Why not mix and match different franchises – Chamander and Link sitting next to Pac-Man, perhaps?

2) Give your pin badges a photo finish

Gaming pin badges in a frame!

Gaming pin badges can make a unique gift; perfect for a fan and a simple accessory for the living room. Why not pop a handful into a regular picture frame for a personalised piece of gaming memorabilia? The easiest way to mount the badges would be using a piece of fabric or felt, attaching it to the frame’s backing board. Then slot in each of the badges into place. We think having six badges in a small table-top frame looks rather neat!

3) How about a cushion?

Pin these gaming pin badges on a cushion

Sofas, couches, armchairs, gaming rigs – there’s one thing they have in common, apart from housing your bottom. They’re decorated by an array of comfy cushions! How about attaching a handful of gaming pin badges to a cushion, whether it’s a sprinkling in one corner, or covering one of the sides with your collection? Our gaming pin badges are easy to slot on, and can add a neat focal point to your chill out zone.

4) Give those gaming pin badges the boot!

Pop these gaming pin badges on your boots

Our shoe collection is certainly growing here at TeeChu HQ, who could say no to a good boot or high-top sneaker? Whilst it maybe a little tricky during the soggy fall weather to do so, why not add a little pixel power to your step by tagging on a badge or two onto the sides of your shoe once the sun starts to beam down? It’s a unique and subtle way of showcasing your love for retro video games!

5) Don’t gig without these gaming pin badges

Don't gig without these badges

A new challenger appears! The stage is yours! The music is in full swing, bass bouncing, vocals soaring across the room to fans and slightly tipsy newcomers alike. How about adding little gaming pin badges to your gig rig by popping a handful of badges onto your instrument strap? You can how strum a meaty chord as Link or arpeggio in style with Pikachu on your shoulders.

6) Gaming pin badges, on a hat?

Gaming pin badges on your hat

Snapbacks, beanies, caps and more – these days we’re spoilt of choice over what to pop onto our noggins, there’s something for every season! Complete the look by adding a handful of badges to your headgear, as we have in this pillar box hat!

7) Pins on your paws

See these hands? Pop on these gaming pin badges

Quite a few superheroes and gaming legends wear a pair of gloves – from Mario to Sonic, Link to Batman. With shades of red and brown littering the ground as Autumn sets in, it’s glove season! Why not add a little extra touch to those finger protectors by slotting in a badge? Be a wee bit careful with the pin attachment, however!

8) Add a little retro flare to your jacket

Don't leave without these gaming pin badges on your jacket

Last, but certainly not least, is popping those gaming pin badges onto your jacket, coat or blazer. The perfect spot would be around the collar or chest, but maybe go a little wacky and line them along the back or arms? Here we’ve lined up a pixel set along the chest, together with our Triple Threat starter shirt!

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Pin up #TeamTeeChu

A big thank you to our customers for sharing snaps of our badges in the wild! It’s exciting to see how you’ll pin them up – whether it’s on a jacket, on our backing cards or perhaps in a pin-badge album? Be sure to share your snaps using the #TeamTeeChu hashtag!


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