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Creator Spotlight | Harik87 Interview – @harik87

Creator Spotlight | Harik87 Interview – @harik87

There’s something timeless about Nintendo and the worlds they’ve created over what’s coming up to four decades. Collectors and communities adore the games, both past and present. One enthusiast in particular that’s caught our eye has to be Harry (@harik87) – through his impressive collection and stunning photography!

Harry’s also been a key driving force in building the UK Nintendo scene; bringing together other fans & collectors.

We caught up with @harik87 on his collection, a passion for Nintendo and growing a community.

1) Hey Harry! Tell us a little about yourself and your love for Nintendo

Hey Jorge, I am 30 years old and I live in the North East of England. Sunderland to be precise. I have loved Nintendo since the age of 4. Never really bothering with any other consoles my entire life.

2) What made you start collecting and taking photos of Nintendo/gaming goodies?

When I was young my dad used to run a stall at car boot sales every Sunday. He bought and sold games for a living which meant I got to play a lot of video games growing up. I was forever testing and trying new stuff out. As great as that was I never got to keep hold of many games because they would be up for sale that weekend. So I knew when I grew up and got my own place I would build a games collection of my own.

Taking photos came as an extension of collecting games. I had so many games and wanted to showcase them somewhere, I wanted people to see all of these amazing boxes and learn a bit about video game history too. When I discovered Instagram everything fell into place, I enjoy taking photos and I love Nintendo games. Once I got going on Instagram and found tonnes of amazing pages/people I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing.

3) On your gaming shelf, what would you say is your most prized piece?

My most prized possession is a Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass DS console. There were only 1000 made so it’s very hard to get hold of.

4) Is there a game/console that you just can’t get your hands on?

The one item I have always wanted but never been able to get hold of is the Majora’s Mask adventure set. Again this is very limited and stupidly expensive.

5) Nintendo creates some fantastic worlds! What would you say is just so appealing about Pokémon, Zelda, Mario and co?

What a question! I think all Nintendo games have a certain charm to them. They always seem to create unique and appealing gameplay mechanics and solid gameplay in colourful and exciting worlds. The games are so well designed they make you just want to keep playing forever.

When I play video games I want to escape from reality for a while, head off on an adventure, and explore a vast world. Nintendo games allow me to do all of that. Games on other systems have become far too real in recent years, COD, FIFA and GTA are all far too close to reality for me.

6) What’s your earliest memory of playing games for the first time?

Back in 1991 on Christmas day, my uncle bought me a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with a copy of Super Mario Bros. My dad and I spent that entire Christmas playing it, then ran out on Boxing Day to buy some more games.

7) The UK gaming scene is buzzing at the moment! Can you tell us about your Nintendo Player’s group initiative?

Nintendo has lots communities dotted across the U.K. Dedicated to getting Nintendo fans together to play games, take part in events and share their passion for Nintendo. Most of these groups hold events monthly, some even hold events weekly.

I am also working on something for Nintendo fans specifically on Instagram. However, I can’t share any more details on that the moment. But please stay tuned for information in the near future.

8) Doesn’t matter who you are, but there’s always an instant connection between fellow Nintendo fans! What’s the best way for players to find a local group?

I agree. Nintendo fans do seem to have an instant connection. I always say that Nintendo has the best fans ever. The best way for people to find their local Nintendo Players UK group is by visiting

9) We first came across your profile through your stunning, colourful arrangements! Any tips for fellow photographers?

The best tips I can give anyone starting out on Instagram or photography, in general, is discovering your own style. Try out lots of different things, take lots and lots of photos until something feels comfortable. Don’t be disheartened if your posts don’t get thousands of likes, focus on creating content that you like and want to share.

10) How do you currently go about sourcing new goodies for the House of Harry?

I mainly go to car boot sales or buy off people locally. Usually buying big collections and trading the items I already own for more games. I also buy a lot of brand new Switch/3DS games and amiibo, all from Nintendo’s UK online store.

11) What’s currently in your gaming playlist?

I currently have a huge backlog, so I have to prioritise games. Nintendo stuff always comes first, so currently I am playing Axiom verge, Splatoon 2 and Celeste. I will be dropping everything for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze next week though.

12) What are your predictions for E3?

This is a tough one. Nintendo is full of surprises at the moment. I think we could see a Skyward Sword remake and a new Mario Kart game announced. My dream announcements are Super Mario Galaxy HD, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a new Donkey Kong Country game.

13) Where can Nintendo fans find your work?

Nintendo fans can find my work on my Instagram, they can also follow me on Twitter.


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