5 Limited-Run Pokémon Prints to Give Retro Feels

5 Limited-Run Pokémon Prints to Give Retro Feels

Gaming prints are the perfect way to bring a slice of retro to your setup! Time to capture those retro feels with high-quality prints on premium paper, individually wrapped. We’ve brewed a handful of limited-run Pokémon prints as both A3 and A5 in size. Not sure what Pokémon print to buy? Here’s a rundown of our Pokémon poster collection!

Nostalgia Filled Pokémon Cartridges

Remember those square pieces of plastic? Compared to CDs or teeny micro-cards, the Game Boy cartridges are a timeless gem. The Pokémon carts shed the standard grey look, swapping these out in favour of striking colourful shells outside Japan. The Cartridge Combo art print will tug at those retro feels; a trio of gen one fan favourites. Stitched in the background is an all-familiar scene. Remember it? It’s Pallet Town, the very first steps for an aspiring trainer in the original game. Each sprite has been redrawn for that pixel perfect finish!

Three classic Pokemon cartridges in print form!

Cartridge Combo Art Print

Six of the Greatest Pokémon

There are six Pokémon that simply bellow retro. Like a Snorlax yawing. The three original starters are much loved – who can deny those adorable critters? Of course, gen one isn’t complete without Pikachu, too! The electric little scamp was the star of Pokémon Yellow and his 90s pixel design is faithfully recreated. The final two classic Pokémon to grace our Kanto Sprites print are Gengar and Clefable, who some say are one and the same…  This retro print just shouts classic colours; and would sit perfectly within your retro setup!

Kanto Sprites Art Print

A Curious Professor Offers Balls

You’ve turned 10. It’s the day; the time to embark on a new adventure! Each Pokémon game has a similar opening; but it’s that first-generation moment that started it all. Pop on those shoes, grab a hug from mum, and dash towards the previously-offbounds lab. Inside lurks a curious professor who serves up his three balls. Which will you pick? Wrapped up with those classic Nintendo purples and oh-so-90s grid, this is a unique throwback to grace your walls!

Oak’s Lab Art Print


Beat the Tall Grass

You’ve spent hours lingering in tall grass. Pokémon caught, potions equipped. Bug-catching boy and fisherman beaten to a pulp. What next, trainer? It’s time to wander into the gym to earn a shiny little badge! We absolutely adore the Kanto region designs – those iconic shapes and distinctive colours. Why not have all eight on display?

Remember collecting all eight badges?

Kanto Badges Mini Print

Ash has Many Friends

He has many friends, right? Most of them are roaming around Professor Oak’s garden. Remember seeing when Ash saved Charmander, met a stubborn Bulbasaur and heroic Squirtle? This mini print takes you back to the Kanto region, where Boy met mouse and the rest is history.

Friends, forever! Team Ash Ketchum Mini Print

Team Ash Ketchum Mini Print

Which of these classic Pokemon prints are your favourites? Let us know with a comment!


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