12 Gaming Christmas Gifts to Level Up – Buying Guide

12 Gaming Christmas Gifts to Level Up – Buying Guide

It’s quite hard to believe there’s only a few weeks till Christmas – sprouts, retro film re-runs, days off work/school and marathon gaming sessions. It also means hunting for gaming Christmas gifts; perhaps the most challenging of quests! We’re here to make things a little bit easier with shirts, sweaters and badge packs that video game fans would love – exclusive designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here at TeeChu we don’t split our collections into “his” and “hers”, but, simply, into different franchises and types of gaming Christmas gifts that any fan would love to unwrap! From Pokémon to The Legend of Zelda, here are 12 different ideas to capturing the perfect gaming Christmas gifts this fall.

The Time Travelling Adventurer

Are they often seen wielding a sword/shield, running through forests and donning an elfish green cap? It sounds like a fan of Nintendo’s popular Legend of Zelda series; a universe full of fantasy tales and heroic adventures with a courageous chap who transcends time. Our gaming Christmas gifts are inspired by the series – a shirt that draws influence from the fan-favourite Majora’s Mask, an exclusive Triforce embroidered beanie and, to complete the look, retro-inspired pixel badges.

gaming Christmas gifts - Legend of Zelda

1) Turn Back Time Tee

2) Hyrule Winer Beanie Hat

3) 8-Bit Adventures Badge Set

The Monster Collector

There are hundreds of gift options out there for the aspiring Pokémon hunter, but how about a handful of limited-edition designs inspired by the series? Our exclusive collection isn’t available elsewhere, and takes on a distinctively retro flavour. How about a pixel take on the three original starter critters – Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur? More of an electric mouse fan? Our geometric design has a striking resemblance to little Pikachu himself.

gaming Christmas gifts - Pokemon collection

4) Triple Threat shirt

5) Mosaic Mouse Shirt

6) Starter Kit Badge Set

The Ugly Sweater

When you think festive fashion and gaming Christmas gifts, ugly sweaters are usually on the radar! How about treating yourself or a Pokémon fan to our exclusive sweaters? We asked you on our Instagram page which colour you’d prefer – red or blue – the vote was so tough that we decided to produce our Pixel Party print in both colours! Our intricately screen-printed tops are perfect for braving the winter weather, and are sure to be a party hit!

gaming Christmas gifts - ugly sweaters

7) Pixel Party Festive Sweater in Blue

8) Pixel Party Festive Sweater in Red

The Space Explorer

If they enjoy science fiction and love gazing at the stars, we have th    The Force Awakens was a Blockbuster hit last Christmas, and one of our first designs as part of our launch collection. Any space explorer would love these sci-fi treats!


9) Pilot Power Tee

10) Don’t Forget About Rey Tee

11) Lylat Medals Badge Set

The Pinup Superstar

Our exclusive badges would also make the perfect stocking filler, coming with four unique pieces of art on 37mm high quality prints – from classic 80s retro hits to the bestselling Wild Monster Traps for the Pokémon-crazed super-fan.

gaming Christmas gifts - Retro badges

12) Arcade Action Pin Badge Set

So there we have it, Christmas all wrapped up for the gamer in you (or a friend!)


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