3 Essential Gaming Books from Zelda to Pokémon

3 Essential Gaming Books from Zelda to Pokémon

It’s National Read a Book day, what better time is there than now to showcase our favourite video game themed books? Since childhood, I’ve been a huge fan of game manuals and books that trace video game history and lore. So this is a treat for me!

Hyrule Historia

Off the bat, the first thing I can say is that the cover is stunning – decked out in green and gold detailing. The same can be said for the inside. Hyrule Historia contains illustration and character details for the gamesit’s fascinating to see how not only did they consider each design, but also personality and history! Further on in the book is the real meat of the title: the different timelines of Link. The tale branches off on the condition that he succeeds or fails in defeating Ganon. This is shown by the array of different Legend of Zelda titles. It’s incredible sometimes to see how all of these games that we know and love fit together in a cohesive way.

Top gaming books - Zelda: Hyrule Historia

A look inside Zelda Hyrule Historia

Pokémon Encyclopaedia

The Pokémon Encyclopedia tracks Ash’s journey in the Pokémon world from Kanto to Kalos. We also delve into the characters (main and sub), Tech and Pokémon themselves. As you might imagine, the inside is presented in a bright, colourful and cheerful aesthetic. There’s so many things that you may have overlooked when it comes to characters or Pokémon stories! What I also find great is that they list each critter’s height and weight, which I love to read about so I could fully imagine them in our world. For example, my favourite Pokemon of all time, Sandslash, is 3ft3 inches – so I can imagine how he’d stand next to me if we were to journey together (I’m two feet taller)!

Also, I totally forgot that Professor Oak did Pokémon poetry!

Stay Sonic

They say that every famous person had a team to support them behind the scenes, and Sonic is no exception! My brother picked up this gem at a car boot sale (or for the US readers out there, a yard sale). Just looking at the cover gives me so many memories!

The book describes Sonic’s  fluffy (or feathered/flippered) friends and how they helped him to become the blue blur we know and love. There’s also the Sonic/Tails lore that I follow (and I know there are many variants of this). The one I know is the meltdown of the ROCC; the machine that Ovi Kintobor designed to neutralise the chaos emeralds. The resulting disaster  caused a character switch of the inventor to (read it backwards)… Ivo Robotnik! I hope there’s still a way to get this book, as I feel it’s a must read for all the Sonic fans out there!

Top gaming books: Stay Sonic

I hope you liked this selection, paying homage to our favourite franchises! If you have a favourite gaming book, link it down below!

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