Free Hand-Drawn Gaming Instagram Story Templates

Free Hand-Drawn Gaming Instagram Story Templates

Remember the days of Q&A blocks on MySpace and thought provoking notes on Facebook? There’s something compelling about sharing little morsels about you. These little self-quizzes have fizzled out in recent years, only to be re-ignited by Facebook/Instagram story templates! You may have seen gaming Instagram Story templates around in recent months, they’re just so fun to do!

Some templates are simply ticking the things you prefer, others a more of a Q&A format. Some even rely on you answering using animated GIFs or emoji. We absolutely love making templates. There’s something incredible about seeing you share & fill out their answers! Rather than sticking to just digital designs, though, we wanted to offer something a little different: hand-drawn Instagram story templates!

The full selection of free gaming Instagram story templates can be found on our Instagram page or over on Pinterest. Here are a few of our favourites!

Pokémon This or That

Red or Blue, Eevee or Pikachu? These are the burning questions asked by Professor Oak himself! Could you possibly decide between surfing Kanto rivers or soaring across the skies on a Charizard? Are you an aspiring Pokémon trainer? This is the perfect gaming Instagram Story template for you.

Pokémon - This or That Instagram story template!

What Nintendo Consoles do you own?

Dust off those old consoles, unwind those tangled cables. It’s time for retro gaming! Nintendo consoles are a classic treat, often surviving the test of time. That battered NES from the late ‘80s? Still gobbles up The Legend of Zelda with ease. And it works! Which of these consoles do you own? Just download and tick away, Nintendo fan!

What Nintendo consoles do you own? gaming Instagram story template - free download!

Team Link

Out of all the gaming Instagram Story templates we’ve brewed so far, this one is a personal favourite. Nintendo have woven some memorable faces in the Legend of Zelda series over the years. From a heroic Pirate leader to a curious mask salesman – these treasured NPCs live on in our heart containers, forever. However – could you pick three to help you on your quest to defeat Ganon?

Free download: Zelda Team Link instagram story template

Pokémon – Pick Your Team

Another challenge of picking out the perfect team – this is the Pokémon version of our gaming Instagram Story templates. Six adorable little fighters from the Kanto region, could you pick from a group of 8 most-loved Pokémon?

Pick your Pokemon team in this gaming Instagram story template!

Zelda Royale

Imagine one day you wash up on a mysterious island. There are dangerous beasts lingering in every corner. What could you possibly do to survive? The answer? A mysterious bloke with a glorious beard appears. Your challenge? Pick 3 classic Zelda items to help on your quest…

Can you survive in this Zelda story template challenge...?

Which templates are your favourites? Be sure to tag us @teechudesigns if you share!


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