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Free Download: 8 of the Best Zelda Quotes

The power of words. Phrases, speeches, iconic lines – and whilst Link remains silent in The Legend of Zelda, there are some timeless NPC quotes that make the series truly memorable. We’ve picked a handful of the best Zelda quotes in a series of quote images – Feel free to save and share these wise words with fellow adventurers!

Truth prevails in the world of Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess is known as one of the darker Zelda tales. A GameCube classic riddled with darkness, incredible characters and one memorable companion – Midna! Cheeky, devoted and woven with an air of mystery – the impish creature lets loose on some sweet words of wisdom. One of the best Zelda quotes from the game surely must be this one:

Truth prevails in the world of Twilight Princess

Time keeps on ticking

The Legend of Zelda series has always tinkered with time. As the core concept to Ocarina of Time, the game’s script had some truly deep sentiments when it came to time’s flow. One of the most memorable lines was delivered by the mysterious Sheik. Time is one cruel concept, indeed!

Time keeps on ticking in the Legend of Zelda

An endless collision of light and dark

Light, dark, good, evil, Hylian, demon overlord. Throughout the Zelda series, there has always been conflict. Even during the most peaceful decades, darkness always slips through the bomb cracks. Enter, Ganondorf. The villain of the piece won’t rest till he gets his delicious, deep-fried bucket of fresh Hylian cuckoo!

An endless collision of light and dark

A helpful gentleman delivers the best Zelda quote

You know it, I know it. Within the gaming landscape, there are always some quotes that just stand above the rest. The first ever cave to wander into in the Zelda series had a lonely old man. He stood there, waiting. When the hero of the tale finally emerged, the old man took a deep breath. It was his time. The line he’d been practicing for years, and here it is:

A helpful gentleman delivers the best Zelda quote

The face beneath the mask

Ever wear a mask? The perfect way to conceal what lurks beneath, whether physical of metaphorical. A mask bears so much power within it! Majora’s Mask, as the name suggests, is totally down with that concept. Towards the end of the game, one of the final NPCs that Link encounters utters one of the most intriguing, yet creepy, lines from the tale:

The face beneath Majora's Mask

A Zelda baddie with a secret

Ever made friends with a bad guy? Could you imagine Mario having tea with a Goomba, or Samus chilling with a Metroid? It seems completely bizarre, but in the very first Legend of Zelda game, one particular moblin would help Link out. But he utters these very words to our hero:

A Zelda baddie with a secret

The power of friendship

Friendship is truly a beautiful thing in The Legend of Zelda. In Ocarina of Time, Link had some of the most long-lasting and special relationships. Some of the faces the hero meets truly help out when times get tough, and another timeless phrase from Sheik really highlights those bonds:

The power of Zelda friendship

Majora holds the strings

A puppet. The devious, evil mask embodies the pure spirit of meanie. It holds no bounds, the true magic manipulator, riddled in its desire for destruction. A mask needs someone to wear it, however. Once Majora finishes with its host, well, there’s no longer need for the carrier…

Majora holds the strings

Love the Legend of Zelda?

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