Fancy a Free Print?

Fancy a Free Print?

A new shirt can revamp your look; but how about your gaming room? Get a free print with every shirt for a limited time!

Wander into a pixelated world full of powerful creatures, or lift an ancient sword from its pedestal, deep within a forest. These moments are so unique and memorable. Fans, whether having played decades ago, or just started, can remember that feeling. A feeling of exploration, friendship and heroism! We aim to capture these iconic moments in unique, striking A3 prints and shirts.

For a limited time, we’re giving away gaming prints for free! That’s right; we’re not quite sure what Bowser gave us to drink, but we’re in a generous mood! Simply add any print from our art prints collection to your basket, with any shirt, and get the print for free! Gotta go fast, though, as this one won’t be around for too long…

Wondering what free print to bag? Here are some of our faves:

Cartridge Combo – Pokémon Art Print

Game carts and memory cards these days are just so dull. Soulless, teeny, tiny pieces of plastic. They even taste rather disgusting, apparently, if you attempt to lick one. Enter the original Game Boy cartridges. Remember those? Gorgeous blocks of 8-bit goodness, and the Pokémon ones in particular were most memorable. Our Cartridge Combo design is perfect for the Pokémon trailer; blending a contemporary style with a retro design!

Shop Cartridge Combo – Pokémon Art Print

The First Megazord – Power Rangers Art Print

“After 10,000 years I’m free, it’s time to conquer Earth!” The cackling words of Rita Repulsa; a witch who is hell bent on destruction. It’s up to a bunch of rebellious teenagers to suit up in odd-fitting spandex and beat those baddies. When Rita ups the danger, though, it’s time to pop into robot mech and form the mighty Megazord! Our colourful art print is a homage to the ’90s and perfect for anyone who loves the mighty Power Rangers!

The First Megazord – Power Rangers Art Print

Trial of the Hero – Zelda Art Print

The pedestal. The sword. That moment when Link, or you, the player, pulls it out. That eerie sensation as time itself enters a slumber, and courage surges through his veins. Or not. The Master Sword is a weapon of legend, forged to fend of Ganondorf’s evil minions with ease. Sometimes it even shoots out laser beams. How’s about that? Trial of the Hero is our tribute to the popular tale, the adventure across Hyrule. A hero in waiting, could it be you?

Shop Trial of the Hero – Zelda Art Print


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J is TeeChu's founder and resident artist, a big Sonic and Zelda fan. Born and raised on hedgehogs and forest adventures!

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