A Look at The Evolution of Fire Charizard Shirt

A Look at The Evolution of Fire Charizard Shirt

From a little lizard with a small flame to a fiery winged beast, Charizard is undoubtedly the master of fire. We’ve created a brand new Charizard shirt to set the evolution process ablaze!

As one of the most popular critters in the ever-growing number of Pokémon, Charizard is a firm favourite amongst fans. Charizard has been featured in the Pokémon anime, films, games and is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series! We wanted to celebrate the strength, majesty and power of the beast with a new shirt design that highlights the evolution. From the tough starter critter Charmander, to the final form that lurks within, we wanted to capture that feeling within our Evolution of Fire design. Despite his small size, Charmander is one tough monster!

Charizard shirt for an angry lizard

A contemporary Charizard shirt

For this particular design, we looked to blend together a more stripped back, contemporary feel – through bright, block colours and shapes. The ickle Charmander is rendered in a smart, cell-shaded finish, with a towering silhouette to frame the adventure together.

A Charizard shirt for an Angry Lizard

In the animé, Charizard was initially cocky towards his Pokemon trainer, inflicting poor Ash with a dollop of pain. The orange lizard even caused Ash to lose an important battle – the lazy bugger! Though he was standoffish initially, Charizard eventually joined Ash’s adventure. We wanted to capture the adventure of a trainer’s quest to tame his Charizard with a new video – Pokémon Vet! Watch as a certain Mr Ketchup gets a helping hand from Professor Nutsack to sooth Charizard’s roaring flame.

The Evolution of Fire shirt, with a limited number of each, is now available. Each shirt comes with a free random mini art-card, plus a numbered/signed certificate for the collector in you!

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