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Creator Spotlight | Geekfromquebec Interview – @geekfromquebec

Creator Spotlight | Geekfromquebec Interview – @geekfromquebec

1. Hey Geek! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into gaming?

Bonjour! Thanks for asking me to do this! I’m @Geekfromquebec! I’m a French-Canadian gamer dad and collector from Quebec, Canada.

I decided to “do things” in my second language so I could connect with more people (although sometimes it makes me write weird things ha ha!).

I got into gaming when we got our first PC back in December 1998, but I truly became a gamer when my parents got me a green Game Boy Color with Pokémon Silver for my 10th birthday.

2. Have been following your journey on Instagram, loving your posts & themes! What made you start a gaming page?

I started my account in 2018. But I started to really focus on it in 2021 after closing a blog I’ve been working on for 3 years.

I wanted to show my collections, the games I play, the manga I read and all the geeky stuff I like! Instagram seemed to be where the fun was and I have not regretted working on it since.

3. As a big Nintendo fan, what do you think makes Nintendo games & characters just so good?

I think it’s because they make them for everybody to love and play. Games like Halo or The Last of Us, as awesome as they are, are not for everybody. But I think most Nintendo games are!

4. What are some of your favourite classic Nintendo games and why?

I didn’t grow up with consoles like the NES, SNES or the Nintendo 64, so my classic games are either from the Game Boy Color or the GameCube (It was my first ever TV console and I still have it!)

For the Game Boy, I’d go with the Pokémon games, especially Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal, because they were my first Pokémon games.

For the GameCube, it has to be Mario Kart Double Dash! I mean… you had two characters on your kart! I’ve also played a lot of “Mario Sports” like Mario Power Tennis and Mario Superstar Baseball since I’m terrible at platform games.

5. Love seeing your geeky shelves! What are your favourite franchises to collect?

Thank you so much! I’m pretty proud of my shelves. I can finally say, even if it’s always gonna be a work in progress, that I finally have a room that I love!

My favourite franchises to collect are Dragon Ball, Star Wars and Pokémon. You can also see some Digimon, Marvel and Lego around. Oh, and Funko Pops. I have a few (125+) of them…

6. What are your most treasured games/merch that you couldn’t part with?

Oh, that’s a tough one… You’re asking a collector to choose his favourite item…

I’m a very nostalgic person, so I could never part with my Xbox and GameCube from my early days and the games that came with them like Halo: Combat Evolved on the Xbox.

7. Is there a particular game or console you’d love to get your hands on in the future?

I’d have to go with the Xbox Series X or S because eventually they are going to make a new Halo game and I’ll just HAVE TO PLAY IT.

And now that we know we’re getting a new Nintendo console probably sometime next year, I’m very excited about it! I hope it’s as game changing as the Switch was!

8. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start a gaming page on Instagram?

My main tip would be to make content about things you love and focus on those things.

I, for example, HATE making reels SO MUCH that the videos I make are bad and nobody watches them. Believe me, it shows…

That’s why I focus on pictures. Because that’s what I like to make and that’s what I prefer to see when I’m on any social app!

I also recommend making friends! Talk to people, comment on their posts! I’m a big introvert, I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it – you’ll meet so many cool people!

9. What franchises or sequels would you like to see on the next Nintendo console?

I’m very excited about what Nintendo has in mind for the next Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. No matter what, I’m getting these games. And if the Nintendo gods are listening, please give us a Pokémon Johto remake!

10. Where can fellow gamers find your work?

My @geekfromquebec Instagram account is where almost everything I make is. I post something every day!

I’m also on Threads (also under geekfromquebec) because I like the vibe there! And sometimes, the same post will get more likes there than on Instagram, ha ha!


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