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Rock the Gaming Shirt: Festive Gift Guide

Rock the Gaming Shirt: Festive Gift Guide

December. You know what that means: Festive jingles, tatty old jumpers and hoping that it’s not Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge under the tree. It’s also a time to scavenge the internet or rummage through bargain bins at the 11th hour. Gift giving, whether it’s a treat for a loved one, or yourself, is always a tricky thing to get right!

Rock the gaming shirt this Christmas!

There’s just so many gift ideas out there, where do you start? Why not pick out something unique this year; an exclusive print or shirt that they’ll simply, adore! Our gaming shirt collections are limited runs, so that special someone would be one of the very few to own these designs. We’ve picked out a handful of gaming and sci-fi presents that we’d love under our tree this year!

Santa’s Sleigh Has Competition

When you think racing games, Mario Kart definitely comes to mind. Nintendo’s eclectic racer has been a favourite amongst players for years. To celebrate a quarter of a century on the tarmac, we’ve crafted a pixel tribute to the original barmy cast of racing misfits. Mario, Luigi, Koopa and more, all strapped in and ready to make a bid for first place! A retro fuelled treat for any Nintendo fan, young or old! The ickle modern palette updates and the strong racing stripes bring together this design!


Pixel Racer Shirt

A timeless bond between trainer and Pokémon

Ash and Pikachu have been exploring the world of years. Well, he never ages, but we’ve been tailing their adventures for over two decades! The unstoppable duo have conquered the biggest challenges. The timeless friendship is sealed forever in pixel form on our unique retro shirt! Pokémon fans will love the badge details and original Palette town background. Be sure to catch this one before it goes!

A Kanto Journey Shirt

Episode 8? This t-shirt’ll be great

The force is strong with this design! Yes, we went there. Pilot the ship and save the universe from meddling architects who just want to build a giant floating space ball! Episode VIII is soon approaching and we’re struggling to get through the days. This particular design is perfect for any aspiring Jedi, or Sith Lord. A unique tribute to the original trilogy, this timeless piece is a nod to what makes the series just so great!

Tee in the Trench Shirt

A 25 Year friendship, framed!

Gotta frame, fast! Another duo that’s survived the test of time has to be Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails. The duo have saved Mobius from destruction many times; freeing captive animals and stopping the scheming Eggman. Looking for some artwork to unwrap this festive season? Our mini prints make the ideal treat – exclusive designs, small but packing a punch! Pop these in a frame for a must-have gift to hang up or pop onto a mantelpiece.

Mini Prints

The Ghost of Christmas Past

He tries ever so hard to be scary, but Boo is downright adorable! This spooky number will be loved by a Mario fan. Exploring the different sides of our favourite ghost, this design will certainly surprise this festive season! A firm favourite during the London Gaming Market; be sure to grab this one before it fades away into the night…

The Many Faces of Boo


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