Behind the Print: Blue Shell

Behind the Print: Blue Shell

If you’ve played any of the Mario Kart games from Mario Kart 64 onwards, there’s a moment we’re sure you can all relate to: the dreaded blue shell.

An explosive Blue Shell

Picture this: You start in last place, gradually climbing up the ranks through tight powerslides and well placed red shells. It’s the second lap and things are looking up. First place claimed, and it’s smooth sailing! The chequered finishing line is in slight and a deafening hum purrs from behind. It crawls up your skin, unrelenting, unstoppable. A momentous thud and your cart spins out of control and the ranks fizzle in its wake. Everyone can recall a time where first place was seized on a whim!

Blue shell on the loose!

The concept

The Nintendo shells are something iconic. Whether it’s a green plodding Koopa or the big boss himself, Bowser, the shapes are striking. We love the sharp lines and triangular shapes within Nintendo’s art that we experimented with different ways to portray a blue shell. If designing a print for Mario Kart, why not go for the most deadly weapon of them all? Spiked, with wings? There’s nothing escaping this beauty.

Fly my pretties, fly!

To explore the movement of the shell, we also devised a short animated sequence by looking at birds. Yep, birds. There’s something majestic about how these winged critters move – soaring across the skies with ease. Wing movements are a challenge to draw, yet alone animate, but helped us get a better feel for the faceless shell of destruction.

From pen to print

Going from a drawn concept to print was a tricky thing! Instead of following a more curved look, we opted for a more polygon design. Harking back to the 90s with simple block shapes, the design takes on a distinct retro flavour! The Blue Shell has taken on many different variations over the years; but the angelic winged variety tops the list for most iconic. If you’re an avid Mario Kart fan, a keen racer, then our Blue Shell art print is one that should soar onto your wall!

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